Paul Scheer and Conan O’Brien recently had a hilarious conversation about the iconic film “Look Who’s Talking” on Conan O’Brien‘s talk show. The lively discussion showcased their wit and comedic chemistry, leaving the audience in stitches.

During the conversation, Paul Scheer expressed his sanguine feelings about being Conan O’Brien‘s friend. Explaining that he loves the word “sanguine,” Paul mentioned that it’s a word that isn’t overly dramatic but still holds a certain charm. Conan jokingly remarked that Paul’s statement was like a “kick in the crotch,” playfully pointing out that being sanguine about their friendship is an understatement.

As the conversation continued, Paul shared that his husband is a karate expert but also practices Judo. Conan, quick with his humor, lightened the conversation by mentioning that he is an “aspirational sociopath” working hard to become a psychopath and even takes night classes.

The conversation then turned to their shared experience on Paul’s podcast, “How Did This Get Made,” where they discussed the film “Look Who’s Talking Too.” They recalled the bizarre concept of the movie, which featured talking babies and even talking dogs. They wondered how the babies had such adult-like thoughts and institutional knowledge, creating a humorous discussion about life trapped in a baby’s body.

They laughed about the fact that the movie had an unrelated subplot featuring the babies trying to get liquor from a liquor store while the talking dogs had their own adventure. Conan humorously pondered the absurdity of babies communicating telepathically, stating that it must be proof that humans de-evolve as they age.

The conversation took an interesting turn when Paul mentioned stories of babies and young children being able to see ghosts. He recounted a personal experience while shooting a movie in New Orleans, where Tom Lennon’s son would have conversations with people in sewer grates. They jokingly discussed whether the son was crazy or if there was some truth to the idea that children can see ghosts.

Overall, the conversation between Paul Scheer and Conan O’Brien was filled with humor, wit, and lively banter. Their chemistry and comedic timing made for an entertaining segment on Conan O’Brien‘s talk show. Fans of the chat show and both celebrities surely enjoyed their amusing discussion about the quirky film “Look Who’s Talking” and other random topics.

In the end, it was another memorable moment on Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, showcasing his ability to entertain and engage with his guests.