On a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel expressed his concerns about the ongoing trial of former President Donald Trump. Kimmel highlighted various stories from legal experts that argued the trial was unfair and referred to it as a “zombie case,” meaning it had no substance. However, Kimmel amusingly pointed out that his stack of papers, which none of the viewers could read, spoke for itself. Despite the controversial nature of the trial, Kimmel jokingly mentioned that he actually loved it and wasn’t outraged at all.

Kimmel also couldn’t help but comment on Trump’s appearance during the trial. He pointed out the stark difference in color between Trump’s hands and his face, jokingly comparing it to a cantaloupe wearing batting gloves. Kimmel even shared a humorous observation from a dismissed juror who described Trump as looking “less orange” and more “yellow.”

The talk show host further discussed the jury selection process, emphasizing how the Maga media was portraying it as biased and unfair. Kimmel sarcastically commented on the supposed “tainted” jury pool, laughing at the idea of undercover liberal activists lying to the judge just to get on the jury. While acknowledging the potential for bias in heavily Democrat-leaning Manhattan, he made light of the situation by joking about a young Disney employee who likes to dance becoming a potential threat.

Moving away from the political arena, Kimmel shifted the discussion to Laura Trump‘s musical debut, which coincided with the release of Taylor Swift‘s highly anticipated album. Kimmel played a trick on unsuspecting shoppers at a farmers market in Los Angeles, asking for their thoughts on a leaked song from a top artist. However, the twist was that the song was actually Laura Trump‘s, leading to comical reactions from the participants. From criticizing the robotic and AI-like quality of the song to comparing it to mucus-filled vocals, the shoppers were unaware that they were critiquing Laura Trump rather than Taylor Swift.

In addition to politics and music, Kimmel couldn’t help but poke fun at the ongoing controversies within the Republican Party. Marjorie Taylor Greene and her supporters formed a group called the “floor action response team” (or F.A.R.T), threatening Speaker Mike Johnson for backing a military aid package to Ukraine. Kimmel amusingly compared being Speaker of the House to being Leonardo DiCaprio‘s girlfriend, jokingly implying that Johnson should hold on tight and enjoy the ride.

The episode concluded with Kimmel introducing the weekly segment “This Week in Unnecessary Censorship,” where amusingly bleeped and blurred TV moments were showcased. From a snake-wielding robber to humorous misunderstandings, the segment added a lighthearted touch to wrap up the show.

Overall, this episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live showcased Kimmel’s trademark humor and wit as he discussed the trial of Donald Trump, Laura Trump‘s music, and various comical moments in pop culture and politics. As always, Kimmel’s entertaining hosting style kept the audience engaged and entertained throughout the show.