During a recent appearance on Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, Val Kilmer revealed his unexpected beef with the beloved Betty White. The chat show host was taken by surprise as Kilmer shared his experience of being a lifelong fan of Mark Twain and his excitement to be part of the Mark Twain show. What caught Kilmer off guard was the spontaneous humor that Conan brought to the show, even before it officially began. Walking out into the theater and interacting with the audience, Conan’s antics added a touch of unpredictability to the performance.

Expressing his gratitude for the audience’s positive response, Kilmer emphasized how enjoyable it is to have people applauding his work. Sharing laughter with the audience creates a special connection that goes beyond words, evoking pure joy. Kilmer commended Conan for fully committing to the role of Mark Twain and seamlessly adapting to any situation that arises during the show.

However, things took an interesting turn when Kilmer jokingly mentioned going after Betty White during the performance. Kilmer playfully accused Betty of being “evil” and humorously revealed that she had allegedly stolen his Grammy. Kilmer, who was eagerly anticipating a Grammy win, was puzzled when Betty suddenly emerged as the winner. Despite their shared admiration for Betty’s sweetness, Kilmer couldn’t help but poke fun at the situation.

Conan’s banter with Kilmer as Mark Twain, which incorporated a humorous mention of their physical resemblance to Betty White, provided one of the show’s highlights. Kilmer amusedly acknowledged the resemblance, adding a layer of comedy to their playful exchange about Betty White‘s Grammy “theft”. As the audience erupted in laughter, it became clear that Kilmer was taking Betty White‘s absence at the Grammy ceremony as a personal affront, albeit in a lighthearted manner.

While Betty White‘s Grammy heist might remain unresolved, this unexpected feud between Val Kilmer and Betty White certainly added an entertaining twist to the evening’s proceedings. Conan O’Brien‘s talk show continues to provide a platform for celebrities’ candid and surprising revelations, solidifying its reputation as a go-to destination for lively and unpredictable entertainment.