Zendaya made a hilarious appearance on the talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she discussed her new movie “Challengers” and shared some entertaining stories.

During the interview, Zendaya revealed that she has been traveling extensively for the movie’s promotion. While she enjoys seeing different countries, she mentioned that she doesn’t get to fully explore the places due to a busy schedule. She also admitted that she isn’t a good sleeper while traveling, unlike her younger days.

Jimmy Kimmel brought up the time when Zendaya was on the show at the age of 16. He playfully mentioned how he had bet a substantial amount of money on her and won big. But Zendaya, in her own witty style, corrected him, saying she didn’t win but was glad she could contribute to his success.

The conversation then took a fun twist when Jimmy asked Zendaya about the steamy scenes in “Challengers” and if her family had watched them. Zendaya explained that her family knew it was a rated R movie, and she had warned them beforehand. She even shared that it was her favorite part of the movie premiere, watching her family’s reactions to those intense scenes.

Venus Williams, the tennis legend, was also at the premiere. Zendaya expressed her excitement and anxiety, hoping that her tennis playing in the movie would be convincing enough to impress Venus. She even shared a funny incident when she tried to return a serve during a professional tennis match and completely missed the ball.

The conversation then transitioned to the internet memes that often circulate regarding Zendaya‘s expressive face. She admitted that she now realizes she has a very expressive face, which has led to countless memes being made. Jimmy humorously showed her a few memes, including one about her hat that could be used to sneak in a hammer or a rotisserie chicken into a movie theater.

Towards the end, Jimmy asked Zendaya some random questions, ranging from whether she has ever received a speeding ticket to her opinion on daylight saving time. Zendaya shared a funny story about almost getting a ticket but being let off the hook because the officer recognized her co-star Tom Holland as Spider-Man.

Overall, Zendaya‘s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was filled with laughter and entertaining anecdotes. Fans can catch Zendaya in her new movie “Challengers,” which is receiving rave reviews. The movie is set to release in select theaters on Monday and nationwide a week from tomorrow.