On a recent episode of The Ellen Degeneres Show, actor Sean Hayes made a memorable appearance by participating in a dog agility course. Known for his roles as the outrageously self-centered Jack McFarland on NBC’s hit comedy Will & Grace, Hayes brought his signature charm and humor to the talk show.

During the interview segment, Hayes showed up dressed in casual attire, perfectly suited for the upcoming challenge. However, host Ellen Degeneres couldn’t help but tease him for wearing the same outfit as her. Unfazed, Hayes quipped, “I don’t care if I get a little dirty.”

The conversation quickly shifted to Hayes’ recent endeavors. He revealed that he had saved all his winnings from various projects and was now planning to build a house for his mother. Not one to shy away from a comedic moment, Hayes joked that the construction might take a while as the house would be for his entire family, which had grown to 25 people. He playfully added, “She’ll be 12 years old when she gets to move in!”

As the interview progressed, Hayes also discussed his latest projects as a writer and producer. Alongside his college friend Todd Milliner, he was producing two television shows. One of them, called “Underexposed,” featured two filmmakers who were given $2,000 each and two days to shoot the same film script. Hayes described the show as a unique opportunity to witness the creative diversity that arises from the same source material.

The second show, titled “Pilot Season,” aimed to find the next hit sitcom. Hayes and Milliner planned to open up a competition for writers across America to submit their scripts. The winning scripts would be produced into sitcom pilots, and viewers would ultimately decide which one would go to series.

Hayes also discussed his admiration for pop stars and shared a humorous idea for elections. Taking inspiration from the popularity of reality talent shows like American Idol, he proposed the notion of calling in votes for political candidates. In his comedic imagination, even former President George W. Bush would enthusiastically participate.

The conversation took a playful turn when Degeneres mentioned running a dog agility course. Hayes shared that it was his dream to try it, and the opportunity presented itself then and there. With the assistance of Lisa, a professional dog agility trainer, Hayes had a chance to beat her dog’s time.

Under the watchful eye of Degeneres, Hayes enthusiastically embarked on the course. Although initially struggling to remember the route, his determination was unwavering. Despite a few hiccups along the way, including crawling through a tunnel meant for dogs, Hayes completed the course in 44 seconds.

Though he didn’t beat Lisa’s dog’s time, Hayes received a trophy for his valiant effort. The segment ended with Lisa’s dog receiving some well-deserved treats.

With his trademark wit and magnetic energy, Sean Hayes brought laughter and entertainment to The Ellen Degeneres Show. Fans of the talk show and Hayes alike were undoubtedly delighted by his participation in the dog agility course, further solidifying his reputation as a versatile and entertaining actor.

Originally aired on May 24, 2004