In a recent episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, supermodel Gisele Bündchen put her longtime friend and host, Jimmy Fallon, to the test by quizzing him on popular Portuguese phrases. The duo, who have known each other for 20 years, decided it was about time Fallon learned a few words of Portuguese.

With enthusiastic cheers from the audience, Bündchen began her Portuguese lesson with a word game. She would say a word and give Fallon two options for its meaning, labeled as A and B. Fallon had to guess the correct option.

The first word on the list was “Fofo.” Bündchen pronounced it with flair and asked Fallon if it meant “a traditional Brazilian stew made with bacon and chorizo” (A) or “cute” (B). Fallon, slightly confused by Bündchen’s pronunciation, chose “cute,” and he was right! The audience erupted in applause as Fallon proudly scored his first point.

Next up was the phrase “Tudo joia.” Bündchen prompted Fallon to decide if it meant “cool” (A) or “Don’t do that” (B). Fallon seemed unsure but eventually settled on “Don’t do that” (B). However, the correct answer was “cool” (A). Bündchen couldn’t help but laugh at Fallon’s misunderstanding, but she commended him for his effort nonetheless.

The third word challenged Fallon with “Soltar a franga.” Bündchen asked if it meant “You’re fancy” (A) or “Go enjoy yourself” (B). Fallon contemplated the options before confidently choosing “Go enjoy yourself” (B). And once again, Fallon was right! His Portuguese skills were improving, and the audience cheered him on.

For the final word, Bündchen presented “Manda bala” and asked Fallon if it translated to “Go for it” (A) or “Dance with me” (B). Fallon, hoping for a fun dance-off, picked “Dance with me” (B). However, the correct answer was “Go for it” (A). Despite his slight disappointment, Fallon still offered to dance with Bündchen, much to the delight of the crowd.

The lively and entertaining segment showcased the friendly dynamic between Bündchen and Fallon, as they playfully tested each other’s language skills. Bündchen’s patient teaching and Fallon’s eagerness to learn made for a delightful and educational experience.

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