In a recent episode of Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, comedian Jimmy Carr made an interesting revelation – he wants a nemesis. Carr candidly admitted that he and Conan have long been enemies, and it’s time to come out with the truth. Carr believes having a nemesis adds excitement and drama to life, and he’s eager to find his own adversary.

Carr reminisced about a time when late-night talk show hosts had rivals and enemies in the industry. He acknowledged that late-night television used to have a sense of competition and rivalry, making it more thrilling for both hosts and viewers. However, nowadays, the late-night landscape has changed, and finding a true nemesis seems to be a rarity.

When discussing the dynamics of the late-night hosts, Carr mentioned that they never really had the chance to bond and be friends. Unlike stand-up comedy, where authenticity and uniqueness set comedians apart, late-night hosts embraced a similar skill set. Carr found it strange that no one ever told them they could be friends instead of rivals. He cited Alan Havy’s wisdom, stating that in the stand-up world, people escape competition through authenticity. However, late-night hosts missed out on this camaraderie because of their different personalities and the era they were in.

As the conversation continued, Carr and Conan bantered about their own experiences in the industry. Conan praised Carr’s talent and admitted he had him on his show multiple times because he adored him. Carr’s unique style of delivery and impeccable jokes always stood out.

Soon after, the topic shifted, and Conan defended himself against the misconception that his show was canceled. He clarified that it ended naturally after 28 years in late-night television. Conan gracefully transitioned into the world of podcasting, where he now hosts a massively popular show. The podcast allows him to focus on doing less but doing it better and has become a valuable outlet for his talent and creativity.

The conversation between Jimmy Carr and Conan O’Brien on the talk show was lively and filled with humor. It highlighted the dynamics between late-night hosts, the desire for a nemesis, and the transition from traditional TV to podcasting. Both comedians brought their unique perspectives and shared intriguing insights into the entertainment industry.