In a recent episode of the popular talk show, David Letterman, former soccer superstar David Beckham made a rare appearance and opened up about a major injury he suffered. The chat show audience was treated to the presence of the “biggest star in the world’s most popular sport”, as Beckham took the stage with a noticeable limp due to a severe Achilles tendon injury.

Beckham recounted the moment of the injury, explaining that he heard a loud “pop” and felt his foot go floppy while playing for AC Milan. It was soon revealed that his Achilles tendon had actually snapped and completely detached from the bone. The athlete described the excruciating pain that followed, comparing it to the tendon rolling up “like a window shade.”

When asked about the cause of the injury, Beckham attributed it to pushing himself too hard in an attempt to secure a spot on the English national team for the World Cup. His rigorous schedule, flying between Los Angeles and Europe to play for the Galaxy and AC Milan respectively, may have contributed to the strain on his Achilles.

Despite his injury, Beckham remained optimistic about his recovery and expressed his determination to return to the field as soon as possible. He underwent surgery, during which doctors cut open his calf and reattached the severed tendon. The procedure was deemed successful, and Beckham hopes to be back in action by November, potentially in time to rejoin AC Milan.

Throughout the interview, Beckham also addressed the dynamics of playing for multiple teams, akin to American baseball players like Derek Jeter representing the New York Yankees year-round. He explained that in his case, the Galaxy allowed him to play for AC Milan on a temporary basis, granted the opportunity to maintain his position in the English national team. Despite the financial investment the Galaxy had made in him, Beckham acknowledged their support and understanding, even in the face of his injury.

Beyond his personal experiences, Beckham expressed his hopes for the future of soccer in the United States. He believes that the sport has gained significant stature over the past decade, particularly with the stability of the league and the growing popularity among young kids. Beckham emphasized that the key is in changing perceptions and making soccer more appealing to American audiences.

As the talk veered towards international events, Beckham shared his excitement for the upcoming World Cup held in South Africa. He expressed his confidence in the country’s ability to host a successful tournament and praised his many South African fans. Discussing the grandeur of the event, Beckham also touched upon the intricate rules surrounding timekeeping during matches, explaining that only the referee truly keeps track of the time.

In closing, Beckham expressed gratitude for the opportunity to appear on David Letterman‘s talk show and hinted at possible future visits. Despite his injury setback, Beckham’s positive outlook and determination to honor his contract with the Galaxy were evident throughout the interview. As the soccer world eagerly awaits his return, fans can only hope for a speedy recovery for this iconic athlete.