In a recent episode of the popular talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel wasted no time in bringing up the latest news about former President Donald Trump. Kimmel began by highlighting the dwindling support for Trump, stating that even though he has been encouraging his fans to rally outside the courthouse, no one showed up.

Kimmel didn’t miss the opportunity to poke fun at Trump’s obsession with crowd size, quipping that one day he might be bragging about his supporters while sitting in the electric chair. The host then moved on to the eventful day in court, where Trump’s lawyer clashed with the judge over whether or not the former president violated the gag order. The judge did not hold back, telling Trump’s lawyer that his arguments made no sense and that he was losing credibility.

Interestingly, Kimmel pointed out that Trump had fallen asleep during the hearing, suggesting he is becoming quite used to dozing off. The host jokingly suggested that Trump might need a sweat wiper kid from the NBA to mop up the drool puddles on his desk. Despite the violation of the gag order, Trump continued to post on social media, claiming that his right to free speech was being taken away.

Kimmel also mentioned David Pecker, Trump’s former pal and publisher of the National Enquirer, who testified that he had a mutually beneficial relationship with Trump. According to Pecker, he paid $30,000 to a doorman at Trump Tower to kill a story about Trump fathering an illegitimate child. Kimmel couldn’t help but mockingly compare Trump’s faithful relationship with the National Enquirer to actual romantic relationships.

The host then shifted focus to the Fox News reporters who were outraged by what they called an injustice against Trump. Kimmel, clearly exasperated, lashed out at these reporters, expressing his disbelief that they couldn’t see the corruption and bias in the case against Trump. He went so far as to compare Trump to Civil Rights workers in the 1960s who were murdered by the KKK.

Switching gears, Kimmel briefly touched on President Joe Biden‘s visit to Florida and his focus on reproductive freedom, taking a swipe at Trump’s newfound stance on abortion. The host also highlighted the absurdity of bills in various red states that threaten to criminally charge librarians for lending out books that aren’t government-approved.

In a lighter moment, Kimmel paid tribute to the classic Yellow Pages, reminiscing about its usefulness as a doorstop or booster seat. He also took a moment to reflect on World Book Day and expressed his disappointment in the anti-librarian sentiment present in some states.

As usual, Jimmy Kimmel Live provided viewers with a mix of humor, political commentary, and pop culture. The talk show host’s witty and entertaining take on the latest news surrounding former President Donald Trump kept audiences engaged and wanting more.