The Ellen DeGeneres Show had a special guest host recently, and it was none other than John Cena. The WWE superstar took over the talk show and brought his unique charm and talent to the stage. Cena started the show by acknowledging the surprise of being chosen as a guest host and joked about Ellen possibly being trapped under a barbell. But he assured the audience that the show would be just as entertaining as ever.

Cena didn’t waste any time in proving his hosting abilities. He started off by showing a clip of Ellen doing what he normally does in his wrestling matches. The audience was impressed by her intense and fearless moves. Cena then addressed his reputation as a tough guy, admitting that he is actually a really nice guy who enjoys a good cry. He even shared that his favorite movie is “The Notebook” and his favorite song is “Wind Beneath My Wings”. According to him, a real man isn’t afraid to show a softer side.

To truly demonstrate his hosting skills, Cena prepared his own opening for the show. The opening showcased his strength and charisma while also highlighting his huggable and caring nature. He even had a special guest, Twitch, join him for a dance. Cena proved that he may not be the best dancer, but he certainly knows how to have fun.

Cena also shared some interesting facts about himself, including his love for using Ellen towels wherever he goes. He even shared a clip of himself using one of the towels that morning. But perhaps the most memorable part of Cena’s hosting gig was his discussion about being an internet meme. He humorously talked about how he has become a popular subject for memes and GIFs, even mentioning that when 12-year-olds are making fun of you on the internet, you know you’ve made it.

Throughout the show, Cena had several segments that showcased his humor and charm. One of these segments was called “Man Saves”, where he shared funny videos of men coming to the rescue in humorous situations. He encouraged the audience to send their own “man saves” to Ellen.

Cena also had the opportunity to interview a truly remarkable young girl named Bria. She impressed everyone by reciting the entire periodic table and sharing fascinating facts about bones and the human body. Cena showed his admiration for her intelligence and presented her with baking tools as a gift.

In another segment, Cena interviewed his co-star Leslie Mann. The interview was filled with hilarious banter and even some embarrassing moments for Cena, as they discussed personal photos and experiences. Cena’s charm and ability to laugh at himself made the interview entertaining and memorable.

The show ended with a game segment called “Ellen’s Game” where Cena and his guest Jenna Dewan had to act out clues to guess words. The segment was filled with laughter and showcased Cena’s ability to connect with his guests and audience.

Overall, Cena proved to be a capable and entertaining guest host on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. His charisma, humor, and ability to connect with guests made for an enjoyable and lively episode. It’s clear that Cena’s appearance on the talk show was a big hit with both the audience and fans at home.