Stand-up comedian Gabriel Iglesias recently appeared as a guest on the popular talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. Known for his hilarious comedy and larger-than-life personality, Iglesias had a lively and entertaining conversation with host Jimmy Kimmel.

During the interview, Iglesias discussed a variety of topics, including his unique fashion sense. As a fan-favorite for his trademark Hawaiian shirts, Iglesias revealed that he recently decided to change up his style after 27 years. He showcased a custom-made shirt on the show and explained that he wanted to try something new while still retaining his personal touch.

As the conversation continued, Kimmel and Iglesias bantered about Mexican stereotypes, with Iglesias quickly dispelling the notion that all Mexicans know each other. The comedian also shared that, at one point, he owned over 500 Hawaiian shirts, which he wore during different stages of his fluctuating career.

Iglesias made a hilarious revelation about why he swapped his signature shorts for pants. He recounted a wardrobe malfunction that occurred during a previous talk show appearance when he tried to cross his legs. Learning from that experience, he decided to play it safe and opt for pants to avoid any more embarrassing mishaps.

Being an incredibly busy comedian, Iglesias is constantly on tour, rarely taking breaks. However, he recently found time for a fun family outing to Disneyland. Though unconventional, he visited the park without any children, emphasizing that he and his family are kids at heart. Iglesias humorously recounted getting stuck on a ride and the subsequent rescue operation by Disney staff, making the best of the situation despite the setback.

Iglesias also chatted about his Southern California roots, having grown up in Long Beach. He expressed his love for Los Angeles but shared a recent incident where someone broke into his home. Although he made light of the situation, Iglesias acknowledged the negative side of living in California.

The highlight of the conversation, however, was when Iglesias talked about his groundbreaking achievement of selling out Dodger Stadium. This is an exceptional feat for any comedian, usually reserved for legendary performers like Elton John or The Rolling Stones. Iglesias humbly credited his dedicated fans for the success, describing the night as a celebratory event rather than just his show. He expressed immense gratitude for the support he has received throughout his career.

In the midst of the laughter, Iglesias also shared his experience performing in unusual and challenging venues during his early stand-up days. He described one show that took place inside an empty swimming pool, an odd location chosen for its supposed acoustics. Although it might not have been the most ideal setting, Iglesias managed to entertain the audience and turn the unconventional space into a memorable comedy event.

Gabriel Iglesias‘s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was a testament to his enduring talent and charm. The conversation with Kimmel showcased his down-to-earth demeanor while highlighting his remarkable journey as a comedian. From struggling at the bottom of a pool to selling out iconic stadiums, Iglesias has truly come a long way in the entertainment industry.

Fans can catch Gabriel Iglesias on his Don’t Worry Be Fluffy tour by visiting his website, With his infectious humor and captivating stage presence, Iglesias continues to captivate audiences worldwide.