The Jonathan Ross Show recently featured an incredible segment that left audiences in awe. Luke Littler, a talented teenager who is changing the landscape of darts, took center stage and showcased his remarkable skills.

Luke’s appearance on the talk show was his first ever, and he did not disappoint. He wowed the audience with a stunning nine-dart finish, a feat that is highly uncommon even among professional darts players. The pressure of performing in such a big competition didn’t faze Luke, as he revealed that he has achieved this impressive feat numerous times before.

During the interview, Luke shared that he started playing darts at a young age. In fact, his journey began when he was just 18 months old. His father purchased a magnetic dartboard from a pound shop, and Luke’s passion for the sport ignited from that moment on. From there, he moved on to using actual darts by the age of four.

Luke’s accuracy and skill with the darts are truly remarkable, especially considering his young age. However, his talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. The talk show hosts, including Rob Beckett and Millie Bobby Brown, expressed their admiration for Luke’s accomplishments. Millie, particularly, was thrilled to have Luke on the show, sharing her excitement and support for him.

One aspect of professional darts that intrigued the hosts and audience was the arithmetic involved in calculating the best way to finish a game. Luke explained that when a player has 72 points left, the typical strategy is to aim for trouble 16, which is 48 points, followed by double 12, which is 24 points. Luke’s ability to quickly calculate and execute these strategies is truly impressive.

As Luke’s fame continues to grow, it’s only natural for endorsements and product deals to come his way. The hosts playfully asked if he had any endorsement offers, and Luke jokingly mentioned wearing a darts suit for his next game. It seems his talent has caught the attention of major companies like Iceland, who even offered to feature his face on their kebab boxes.

Despite his young age, Luke has already won numerous trophies over the years. His collection of trophies is proudly displayed throughout his home, with some placed on a table right at the entrance. There’s no doubt that his most prized possession is the golden palm tree trophy he received from a recent competition.

Luke’s achievements extend beyond the darts world, as he recently won six Brit Awards this year. Millie Bobby Brown playfully suggested that she could temporarily house the trophies on her bed, given her single status. Luke’s humble nature and infectious charisma were evident during the interview, making him an instant favorite among the hosts and audience.

To add a touch of fun and competition to the show, Luke challenged the hosts and Millie to a darts game. It was clear that Luke’s skills were unmatched as he effortlessly surpassed their scores, even scoring a sensational 140 points with just three darts. The segment ended on a high note, with Luke leaving a lasting impression on everyone present.

Luke Littler‘s appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show highlighted his immense talent and showcased his potential to become a major figure in the world of darts. As his career continues to blossom, it’s safe to say that we can expect great things from this young prodigy.