In a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, actress Anne Hathaway shared some adorable and amusing stories about her experiences working with actor Matthew McConaughey on the film “The Idea of You”. As Hathaway explained to Norton and the audience, she was extremely excited to work with McConaughey, who she described as amazing.

Hathaway recounted how she became a fan of McConaughey and was intrigued when she heard that he was being considered for the lead role in “The Idea of You”. At the time, McConaughey hadn’t yet achieved his “MC connaissance” status, so Hathaway had to convince Norton and others about his talent.

As Hathaway and Norton continued their conversation, it took a hilarious turn when they started discussing Hathaway’s co-star in another film, Robert De Niro. Hathaway jokingly revealed that she had told the press that De Niro is a big fan of “The Bachelor” TV show. This misinformation had led to De Niro being bombarded with questions about his favorite season and opinions on the show.

The lighthearted banter continued when Hathaway and Norton playfully insulted each other. Hathaway mentioned how good Norton is at insult comedy, and Norton humorously admitted to enjoying insulting Hathaway. Their friendly exchange showcased their comedic chemistry and added to the lively atmosphere of the show.

Throughout the episode, Hathaway also discussed her personal life, including her three-year-old son, Jonathan. She shared how Jonathan doesn’t enjoy her singing and humorously recounted an incident when she picked a fight with her husband, Adam Shulman, over a sunset during a strict diet phase.

The talk show segment with Hathaway was filled with laughter, charming anecdotes, and surprising revelations. From her admiration for Matthew McConaughey to her playful interactions with Norton, Hathaway’s appearance on The Graham Norton Show was entertaining from start to finish.

If you’re looking for a delightful and amusing watch, be sure to catch Anne Hathaway‘s appearance on The Graham Norton Show. Her stories and infectious laughter will surely brighten your day.