Kiel, standing at an impressive height of 6’6″, entered the stage with his signature charm and wit. The conversation started light-heartedly, with Letterman jokingly mentioning that Kiel had been fooling around with his wife. Kiel responded with a rich sense of humor, stating it was just an April Fool’s prank.

Despite his tall stature, Kiel shared that he wears elevator shoes to reach a height of 6’9″. When asked about his weight, Kiel playfully declined to discuss it but admitted to weighing around 330 pounds. He humorously shared anecdotes about the challenges he faces when traveling, such as fitting into airplane seats and finding suitable accommodations in hotels.

The conversation then shifted to Kiel’s iconic role as Jaws. Letterman asked him about the audition process, revealing that the filmmakers wanted someone who could bite through a steel cable with their teeth. Kiel explained that the dentures he wore for the role were made of cobalt steel and were quite uncomfortable, comparing them to having a train in his mouth.

To further showcase Kiel’s versatility, a picture from his latest film, “Pale Rider,” a Western starring Clint Eastwood, was shown. Kiel shared how excited he was to ride a horse in the film, despite not having ridden one in years. He amusingly described the challenges of being a 330-pound man on a horse and how his presence seemed to bother the animal.

Before his acting career, Kiel revealed that he worked as an Elvis impersonator, vacuum cleaner salesman, and bouncer at country and western clubs. His experience as a bouncer taught him valuable lessons in dealing with intoxicated individuals, using his friendly demeanor to quickly sober them up.

The segment concluded with Letterman expressing his pleasure at meeting Kiel and thanking him for his appearance. Overall, the interview provided a delightful glimpse into the life and career of Richard Kiel, a beloved actor known for his unforgettable characters and larger-than-life personality.