In a recent episode of the hit talk show, The Graham Norton Show, renowned actress Zendaya delighted fans with an unexpected revelation of her hidden talent. The episode began with a congratulatory message for Zendaya‘s Emmy win for her role in the popular series Euphoria. As the discussion unfolded, Zendaya shared that due to the unique circumstances of lockdown, she was able to celebrate the victory in an intimate setting with her family in her own living room.

Amidst the lighthearted banter, Zendaya recalled the hilarious moment when a hazmat suit-clad figure personally delivered the prestigious Emmy to each nominee’s home. However, what was even more amusing was the playful blame game that followed whenever someone let out a fart. In this case, Zendaya insisted that it wasn’t her, despite her co-star attempting to pin the blame on her. The light-hearted exchange left the audience in stitches.

As the conversation veered towards leisure activities during quarantine, Zendaya revealed her penchant for knitting. She explained that while shooting Spider-Man, she had attempted to pick up a new hobby by making small rugs. However, she quickly discovered that it was much more tedious than she anticipated. Nonetheless, Zendaya showcased her knitting skills by gifting everyone on set a warm scarf she had made, proving herself to be quite the craftswoman.

The episode took a humorous turn as co-star Josh Gad recounted a comical incident from his drama school days. He revealed that he once applied a hair removal cream on his legs, assuming it was a necessary ritual before donning tights. The revelation led to a term at drama school with one hairy leg and one hairless leg, much to the amusement of his classmates.

The discussion culminated with Zendaya demonstrating her flexible talent of wiggling her ears, impressing both the audience and her co-stars. While she opted not to showcase her trapeze skills due to the absence of her stunt team, Zendaya‘s hidden talent left everyone astonished and wanting more.

This episode of The Graham Norton Show was a delightful mix of humor, candid conversations, and surprising revelations. From Zendaya‘s secret talent to the hilarious blame game over a mysterious fart, the episode provided an entertaining glimpse into the lives of these talented celebrities. The chemistry between the cast members and Graham Norton‘s lighthearted hosting style made this particular episode a must-watch for fans of the chat show and The Graham Norton Show alike.