Fantasia Barrino, the winner of American Idol, made an appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show to talk about her victory and her journey on the popular singing competition. The transcript of the conversation between Fantasia and Ellen is filled with heartfelt and emotional moments that truly capture the essence of her inspiring story.

Right from the start, Ellen congratulated Fantasia on her win, expressing how happy she was for her. Ellen recalls watching the moment when Fantasia won and admits to crying tears of joy. Fantasia, being grateful for all the support, mentions how she has overcome numerous challenges in her life. She believes in the power of resilience, having weathered storms and now finding herself in a place where she can pursue her passion for singing and provide for her child.

Ellen also acknowledges the fact that Fantasia became a single mother at just 19 years old and praises her for being able to break free from the difficult circumstances she faced. Fantasia reflects on her struggles, including times when she had to borrow money just to feed her child. However, she emphasizes that those days are behind her now, and she is relishing the joy of being able to take care of her daughter without any financial worries.

Throughout the conversation, Ellen emphasizes how she saw something special in Fantasia right from the beginning. She saw the potential in her and predicted that she would ultimately emerge as the winner. Ellen commends Fantasia for her unique personality, captivating charisma, and outstanding talent.

As the interview continues, the friendly banter between Fantasia and Ellen grows more playful. They discuss their similarities, including a dance move called the “Bobo” that both of them apparently do. Fantasia admits that she thought Ellen’s reference to the “Bobo” meant something else entirely, but Ellen clarifies the true meaning of the term. This lighthearted exchange adds an entertaining element to the conversation, showcasing the warmth and camaraderie between the two.

The interview ends on a high note as Fantasia expresses her gratitude for the support and love she has received from her fans. She plans to use her newfound success to bless her mother and give back to the woman who has always been there for her. Fantasia’s daughter, Zion, is also basking in the joy of her mother’s accomplishments, albeit unknowingly. Fantasia chuckles at how her daughter is now enjoying the spoils of their success, receiving gifts and experiencing a life they once could only dream of.

Ellen, clearly proud of Fantasia’s achievements, praises her talent once again and announces that she will be singing during the show. Fantasia jokingly assures Ellen that she won’t break her favorite shoes this time, making light of the memory of the broken heel incident. The conversation concludes with the promise of a captivating performance from Fantasia, leaving the audience eagerly awaiting her next appearance on stage.

Fantasia Barrino‘s appearance on The Ellen Degeneres Show served as a reminder of the power of resilience and the joy that comes from pursuing one’s passions. This conversation highlighted Fantasia’s inspiring journey from adversity to triumph, and her determination to create a better life for herself and her daughter. It is no wonder that Fantasia captured the hearts of millions of viewers and emerged as the deserving winner of American Idol.

Originally aired on July 23, 2004