In a recent episode of the talk show “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend,” comedian Taylor Tomlinson opened up about her experience hosting the game show “After Midnight.” Tomlinson explained that the late-night gig was quite different from her usual stand-up routine. The show, which was a reimagining of “At Midnight,” received a lot of attention before it aired, leading to confusion among fans.

Many people assumed that “After Midnight” would be a talk show, and some even accused CBS of misleading Tomlinson. However, Tomlinson clarified that the show was never meant to be a talk show. As a touring comedian, she preferred not to have a daily show and was excited about the opportunity to work with a great team of people.

During the interview, Tomlinson mentioned how much she relied on her co-workers for the show’s success. She trusted the writers and wanted them to find her funny. In fact, she admitted to working harder to make the writers laugh than on anything for the actual show. Tomlinson’s experience highlighted the importance of having a supportive team and a shared sense of camaraderie.

Host Conan O’Brien, who has his own extensive experience in late-night television, could relate to Tomlinson’s desire for a collaborative environment. He expressed how he always wanted a group of like-minded individuals to work with, but also recognized the challenge of finding his own voice amid the artificiality of the late-night format.

The conversation between Tomlinson and O’Brien delved into the intricacies of hosting a talk show, including the use of teleprompters and cue cards. Tomlinson shared her initial worries about her ability to read a teleprompter, even though she had prior experience. She even practiced by participating in teleprompter challenges on TikTok. O’Brien chimed in, revealing that he never used a teleprompter on his show because the script was often changed at the last minute.

Throughout the interview, both comedians emphasized the importance of authenticity in an environment that can feel contrived. Tomlinson discussed the challenge of delivering jokes that were not written by her, as she was accustomed to writing her own material throughout her stand-up career. However, she acknowledged the ease of working with a talented group of writers.

Conan O’Brien offered words of wisdom to Tomlinson, recalling the advice he once received from Johnny Carson when he took over “The Late Night” show. Carson simply advised him to be himself, which sounded simple in theory but proved to be more complex in practice. O’Brien acknowledged that being oneself in such an artificial environment requires a certain skill and adaptation.

In the end, Tomlinson and O’Brien bonded over their shared experiences in the entertainment industry and their pursuit of authentic comedy amidst the challenges of hosting a talk show. Both comedians acknowledged the importance of finding one’s voice and navigating the peculiarities of the late-night format.

The episode of “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend” featuring Taylor Tomlinson as a guest showcased an engaging conversation about the ups and downs of hosting a talk show, the importance of a supportive team, and the quest for authenticity in comedy.