During a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel had a lot to say about the ongoing trial involving former president Donald Trump. Kimmel started off the show by joking about how Americans are sleeping more than ever, even suggesting that some people in the audience might be dozing off during the show. But the real focus was on Trump and his behavior during the trial.

Kimmel pointed out that Trump was reportedly slumped back in his chair with his eyes closed, leading some to call it sleeping. Kimmel humorously wondered why this wasn’t being televised, jokingly stating that he wanted to see if there was any drool involved. He then went on to mention that Eric Trump, one of Trump’s family members, had attended the trial that day.

The comedian humorously speculated about how Trump would react if it was one of his children on trial, envisioning him pulling up in a limo, yelling “witch hunt,” and driving back home for a taco. Kimmel also mentioned that the judge found Trump in contempt of court for violating a gag order nine times and fined him $9,000.

Kimmel shared his opinion that it didn’t seem fair for Trump to be fined for not being quiet, especially since the trial was about him paying a woman to be quiet. He jokingly compared it to Jesus being crucified using his own carpentry skills against him.

The judge also warned Trump that further violations of the gag order could result in him being locked up, to which Kimmel humorously imagined Melania telling Trump to keep violating it. He then mentioned a report from The Washington Post stating that Trump was too furious about the trial to fundraise.

Moving on, Kimmel discussed the controversy surrounding Trump potentially not being allowed to attend his son Barron’s high school graduation. Although the judge hadn’t ruled on the matter, right-wing media was already outraged. However, the judge later ruled that he would cancel court on the appropriate day so Trump could attend the graduation.

Kimmel then shifted gears and talked about one of Trump’s lawyers on the case, Will Sharf, who has been making the rounds on news channels. He humorously emphasized Sharf’s Republican affiliations and referred to him as a “republican candidate for Missouri attorney general” multiple times.

Towards the end of the show, Kimmel touched on an interview Trump had with Time Magazine, where he laid out his priorities for a second term. Kimmel described the proclamations as insane and pointed out how, if they had come from any other candidate, alarm bells would be ringing. The host then closed the segment with some lighthearted news about Taylor Swift‘s success on Billboard’s Hot 100 list and a humorous skit featuring California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Overall, Jimmy Kimmel provided his usual mix of humor and commentary on the recent developments surrounding Donald Trump‘s trial on Jimmy Kimmel Live. As always, Kimmel’s unique take on current events keeps audiences entertained and engaged with the latest news from the world of politics and entertainment.