In a recent episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, host Jimmy Kimmel provided a hilarious and entertaining commentary on the ongoing trial involving former President Donald Trump. Kimmel revealed that according to one of Trump’s friends, the former president has been miserable in court. “There is no more horrible thing for Donald Trump than just having to sit there and be quiet,” Kimmel joked. He even pointed out that if Trump finds sitting quietly in court unbearable, he will surely have a “great time” in prison.

Kimmel also highlighted Trump’s attempt to gather supporters to protest outside of the courtroom. He humorously remarked that some supporters may have accidentally protested the wrong building, echoing their loyalty and dedication to the former president.

The talk show host didn’t stop there. He also discussed Trump’s recent meeting with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is also rumored to have presidential ambitions. Kimmel playfully mocked the interaction, imagining Trump calling DeSantis a “meatball” and questioning his decision to run for president again in 2028, as Trump plans to do the same. Kimmel ended the segment by poking fun at Trump’s sons, Eric and Donald Jr., who he jokingly said were going after someone for a $130,000 payment.

Shifting gears, Kimmel turned his attention to the recent NFL draft and shared a heartwarming moment involving wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr. and his mother. Kimmel praised Thomas’ hard work and congratulated his mother for supporting him throughout his journey.

Kimmel also couldn’t resist commenting on the latest news surrounding potential running mates for Donald Trump. He discussed South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who recently faced backlash for sharing a story about shooting her puppy and a goat. Kimmel humorously questioned her decision to include such a story in her forthcoming memoir.

The article concludes by mentioning a New York Times poll which revealed an interesting divide between men and women regarding Trump’s respect for women. While only 31% of American females believe Trump respects women, 54% of men think he does. Kimmel lightheartedly expressed his disbelief at the majority of men’s perception of Trump’s respect for women, joking that Trump respected his ex-wife so much he buried her in the best hole on his golf course.

In typical Jimmy Kimmel Live fashion, this episode provided both humor and entertainment as Kimmel tackled various topics in his signature style. Fans of the chat show and Jimmy Kimmel himself were surely entertained by this lively and engaging segment.