On a recent episode of David Letterman‘s talk show, the iconic host embarked on a hilarious discussion about Pop Tarts. In a segment aptly titled “Dave’s Top Ten Other Names For Pop Tarts,” Letterman showcased his wit and comedic timing.

During the transcript, Letterman expressed his curiosity about Pop Tarts, stating that he had never tasted them before. He engaged in a playful banter with his sidekick, Paul, asking if they had any Pop Tarts in the building. The conversation quickly turned into a lighthearted debate about the best way to consume these sweet treats.

As Letterman questioned whether Pop Tarts could be eaten raw or if they needed to be cooked, the audience erupted in laughter. The host’s humor and genuine curiosity kept the conversation engaging and energetic.

Additionally, more facts about Pop Tarts were revealed during the segment. Letterman and Paul discussed different flavors such as strawberry and cherry Pop Tarts. The witty host also joked about eating Pop Tarts raw, claiming that they can break a tooth.

In celebration of Kellogg’s Pop-Tart’s 50th anniversary, Letterman revealed amusing alternative names that were considered for the popular pastry. Some of the options included “fun slabs,” “frosted leveling shims at Home Depot,” and “three-way tie popular Tarts.”

The audience was clearly entertained by these creative suggestions, and the banter continued until the segment’s end. Letterman even teased the audience, stating that he and Paul were just seconds away from tasting their first Pop Tarts.

The talk show host’s enthusiasm left viewers excited about what was to come after the commercial break. As promised, following a segment of “stupid human tricks,” Letterman and Paul indulged in the anticipated Pop Tarts.

Letterman’s ability to effortlessly inject humor into ordinary conversations is what made this segment so entertaining. His playful spirit and genuine curiosity about the world around him continue to make his talk show a must-watch for comedy lovers.

Whether you’re a fan of David Letterman, a lover of Pop Tarts, or simply looking for a good laugh, this segment delivered on all fronts. It’s no wonder that Letterman’s talk show remains a beloved institution in the world of entertainment.