David Letterman welcomed legendary guitarist Duane Eddy onto his talk show, and the performance was nothing short of electrifying. Eddy, known for his distinct twangy guitar style, played his hit song “Rebel-Rouser” with the house band, leaving the audience in awe.

With a career that spans decades, Duane Eddy has been captivating listeners since he was just a kid. As a pioneer of rock and roll, he first gained attention when Dick Clark introduced him on American Bandstand. Now, as a grown man, Eddy continues to make waves in the music industry.

During the show, Letterman expressed his admiration for Eddy’s talent, stating that he had been a fan since his own childhood. The audience couldn’t help but join in the excitement, knowing they were in the presence of a true Rock and Roll legend.

Eddy’s performance of “Rebel-Rouser” was met with thunderous applause. The song, which showcases his unique twanging guitar style, brought the talk show to life. Alongside the house band, Eddy effortlessly delivered a performance that showcased his mastery of the instrument.

Not only did Eddy join the house band for the entire night, but he also had a solo spot. This further highlighted his remarkable talent and cemented his place as one of the Legends of Rock and Roll.

With iconic songs like “Rebel-Rouser” and “40 Miles of Bad Road” to his name, Eddy’s influence on guitar-driven music cannot be overstated. His signature twanging guitar sound became a defining feature of rock and roll, inspiring generations of musicians.

Fans were thrilled to learn that Eddy would be performing in person on October 17th at the Ritz in New York City, followed by a show at The Meadowlands on the 19th. It was an opportunity to witness the mastery of a true guitar legend in an intimate setting.

In a conversation with Letterman, Eddy revealed that his guitar, a Dwayne Eddie guitar, was about 23 years old. He also mentioned that they had recently started making them again, showcasing the enduring popularity of his music and the influence he continues to have on the industry.

Letterman, fascinated by Eddy’s unique sound, asked him to demonstrate what sets his guitar playing apart from others. Eddy explained that it’s a combination of the way he picks and the use of a lever, which they affectionately call a “twanger.” It’s these subtle techniques that contribute to Eddy’s unmistakable style and sound.

Known for breaking barriers, Eddy is credited with recording one of the first, if not the first, stereo rock and roll records. With the album “Half Twangy Guitar, Will Travel,” Eddy once again pushed the boundaries of what was possible in music.

As the segment came to a close, Letterman thanked Eddy for his incredible performance. The audience couldn’t help but shower him with praise and applause, giving Eddy the standing ovation he so rightly deserved.

Duane Eddy‘s appearance on David Letterman‘s talk show was a reminder of his immense talent and the lasting impact he has had on the music industry. His signature twangy guitar style and iconic songs continue to captivate audiences around the world. As Eddy left the stage, fans eagerly anticipated his upcoming live performances, knowing they would be in for a night of unforgettable music.