In a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, comedian John Mulaney discussed his experiences with hosting a talk show and his latest live show, “Everybody’s in LA.” The talk show host began the interview by mentioning Mulaney’s well-dressed appearance and the upcoming limited-time live show on Netflix.

During the conversation, Mulaney expressed his excitement about the success of his special on Netflix, “Baby J,” which went on to win an Emmy. He explained that the special included personal stories about his struggles with addiction, which resonated with viewers who had faced similar challenges.

Mulaney also shared a humorous anecdote about a neighbor who watched his special and then proclaimed that he had better cocaine stories than Mulaney. The neighbor even gave him a bag of lemons, which Mulaney jokingly referred to as his new “cocaine.”

The conversation then turned to Mulaney’s appearance on David Letterman‘s show, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.” Mulaney described the experience as surreal and explained that he felt honored to be invited by the legendary talk show host. He mentioned that he had a theory that the Y2K bug caused his death, and being on Letterman’s show was his version of a nice afterlife.

Letterman had initially wanted to spend an entire day with Mulaney, even suggesting activities like bowling. However, Mulaney felt that simply sitting and having a conversation with Letterman would be more authentic. In the end, they shared a dinner together, including Mulaney’s father.

Speaking about his father’s involvement, Mulaney described him as a straightforward and unfazed individual. He mentioned that his dad wasn’t star-struck by Letterman’s presence and was more interested in enjoying the dinner and meeting new people.

Mulaney reminisced about an occasion during his childhood when his father threw a glass at him out of frustration. However, he clarified that it was an unusual occurrence and that his father was typically a calm and level-headed person.

Switching gears, Mulaney and Kimmel discussed the upcoming show, “Everybody’s in LA,” a live comedy series that will be broadcast on Netflix. Mulaney explained that the show would run for six nights, featuring various guest appearances, including renowned comedians such as Jerry Seinfeld, John Stewart, and Sarah Silverman. The show will also include unconventional guests like seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones, helicopter journalist Zoe Tur, and hypnotherapist Carrie Gainer.

As Mulaney shared the star-studded lineup, he humorously mentioned that rock legend Diamond David Lee Roth declined to participate. He had hoped Roth would become the show’s band leader or discuss his life in Altadena, but unfortunately, Roth declined the offer.

The interview concluded with Mulaney joking about his recent non-firing streak and promoting his live show at the Hollywood Bowl. Mulaney encouraged viewers to tune in to “Everybody’s in LA” and enjoy a night of laughter and entertainment.

This lively and captivating interview showcased John Mulaney‘s wit and humor while highlighting the excitement surrounding his live show and his experiences in the entertainment industry. Don’t miss out on the laughter and fun—be sure to catch “Everybody’s in LA” on Netflix and Mulaney’s live performance at the Hollywood Bowl.