In a recent appearance on the talk show hosted by David Letterman, the hilarious and outspoken Chelsea Handler revealed some interesting details about her recent adventures and upcoming projects. From her vacation in Spain to her new stand-up comedy special, Handler kept the audience entertained with her signature wit and charm.

Handler shared that she took a much-needed break and traveled to the south of Spain, exploring cities like Granada and Sevilla. She expressed her love for the Spanish language and the added advantage of a language barrier when it comes to meeting new people. According to Handler, her personality can sometimes get in the way of establishing connections, so she finds relief in traveling to places where she can let her guard down and enjoy the excitement of meeting new individuals.

The conversation then shifted to Handler’s experiences with scuba diving. She admitted to being accident-prone and shared a hilarious story about a scuba diving mishap during her vacation. Despite her initial panic when water got into her mask, a dive master came to her rescue and helped her clear the mask. This experience led to Handler developing a crush on the dive master, making the underwater adventure feel like the beginning of a relationship.

Moving on from her escapades in Spain, Letterman asked Handler about her career in stand-up comedy. Surprisingly, Handler revealed that she had never done a stand-up comedy special before. She expressed her excitement about her latest project, a stand-up comedy special titled “Uganda Be Kidding Me Live,” exclusively available on Netflix. Handler spoke about performing in various cities across the country and even overseas.

During the interview, Handler also discussed some of her unconventional experiences while traveling, including a comical encounter in Alaska. While at a book signing in Juneau, an enthusiastic fan introduced her toothless wife, which left Handler wondering if people thought she too was toothless. Handler amused the audience with her trademark self-deprecating humor, revealing that Alaska was not one of her favorite places to visit.

The conversation took a surprising turn when Handler shared her intention to buy a house in Spain. She explained that her motivation for the purchase was to play a prank on her father while spending quality time near the water. Handler jokingly mentioned that her father, who is in an assisted living facility, often gets himself into trouble with the staff due to his flirtatious nature. Lowering him into the sea with cement was her creative solution to give him a good scare.

As the interview came to an end, Handler surprised the audience by accidentally showing a photo of herself in Spain on a Vespa with an unusual background. She playfully blamed it on a “photo leaking scandal” and her attempt to get ahead of it. Handler also took the opportunity to promote her new comedy special, “Uganda Be Kidding Me Live,” which premiered on Netflix.

With her trademark humor and candid storytelling, Chelsea Handler kept the audience amused and eager to see what she has in store next. Fans can catch her comedy special on Netflix and continue to follow her entertaining and adventurous journey.