In a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, host Stephen Colbert wasted no time in delivering the latest news on former President Donald Trump. It seems that Trump just can’t stay out of trouble, as he found himself back in court for his New York hush money trial. In a surprising turn of events, Trump actually managed to remain conscious during the trial, much to everyone’s amazement.

Judge Merchan, presiding over the trial, wasn’t too pleased with Trump’s behavior and held him in contempt of court for violating his gag order yet again. Trump was fined $1,000 for his disparaging remarks about the jurors, claiming that they were mostly Democrats. He also made a rather unfair comment about how no jury is supposed to be comprised entirely of his peers, because, in his words, “I can tell you from what I can tell they all love their children and none of them tagged a porn star at a celebrity golf event featuring Ray Romano.”

This marks the 10th time that Trump has violated his gag order, and one more violation could potentially land him in jail. Yes, you heard that right – jail. Trump might find himself in Riker’s Island sooner rather than later. Judge Merchan acknowledged the significance of this situation, given that Trump is a former president and a potential future one. No former president has ever served jail time, although Grover Cleveland did dabble in witness protection as Grover Cincinnati.

But let’s move on from the courtroom drama and talk about Trump’s financial escapades. It turns out that he has been diligently shaking his money maker to pay his legal bills. Recently, at an event in Mar-a-Lago, donors paid a hefty sum of at least $40,000 to attend. However, leaked audio revealed that Trump wasn’t too thrilled about taking pictures with donors and insinuated that those who didn’t get a photo simply didn’t give enough money. It seems Trump doesn’t want any scrubs at his events.

Speaking of events, Trump also paraded some potential vice presidential picks on stage during the event. He gave mostly positive comments about them while also highlighting their weaknesses. It’s almost like he’s picking his VP Bachelor style. One interesting point Trump made was about Marco Rubio and his minor “Florida problem.” Apparently, both Trump and Rubio being Florida residents might pose an issue since the Constitution states that the president or vice president must be from a different state. But hey, what’s a minor Florida problem compared to a poolside DJ fling at the Tampa Bay Hilton?

One rising star in attendance was South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem. However, it’s hard not to think about her dog, Cricket, when she’s on screen. Although Trump didn’t mention the unfortunate incident where she killed her dog, the thought inevitably lingers. But let’s not focus solely on dogs. Noem has a memoir coming out soon, and excerpts from it have already garnered attention. In one chapter, she references President Biden’s German Shepherd, Commander, who has a track record of biting Secret Service agents. Noem seems to have some strong feelings about that, writing, “what would I do if I was president on the first day in office in 2025? Thanks for asking, I happen to have a list. The first thing I do is make sure Joe Biden’s dog was nowhere on the grounds. Commander, say hello to Cricket for me.”

While Noem’s book has some intriguing elements, there are also some strange lies within its pages. For example, when discussing her foreign policy experience, she falsely claimed to have met with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. When confronted about this on Face the Nation, Noem quickly backtracked and made “some changes” to her book. It seems her memoir went from “no going back” to “going back and making some changes.”

In other news, Paramount Global has put their network up for sale. Negotiations have expired, making the sale wide open to potential buyers. Sony is reportedly in talks to acquire Paramount, which would unite studios responsible for iconic franchises such as Spider-Man and Mission: Impossible. If the deal goes through, we might just witness Tom Cruise doing his own stunts as Spider-Man in high school.

As negotiations are ongoing, Stephen Colbert took a moment to address his potential new bosses at Sony Pictures Entertainment. In a light-hearted message, he expressed his excitement about the prospect of working together and even mentioned his love for the movie Madam Web. The ball is now in Sony’s court, and we’ll have to wait and see what unfolds.

That wraps up the latest gossip from The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Keep tuning in for more entertaining and informative episodes that never fail to provide us with the juiciest news from the world of talk shows.