In a recent episode of the talk show, ‘David Letterman,’ viewers were treated to a rare interview with the enigmatic hairpiece maker to the stars, Mr. Nicholas of Hollywood. Known for his innovative designs and celebrity clientele, Nicholas shared some fascinating insights into the world of hairpieces and styling.

During the interview, David Letterman probed Nicholas for the names of some of his high-profile clients, but the hairpiece maestro remained tight-lipped, perhaps out of concern for potential legal issues. However, he did hint that he was currently working on a hairpiece for Clyde Balwin, a renowned figure in the hairpiece industry who specializes in the Al Json style.

Nicholas also discussed his contributions to the hairpiece industry, particularly in terms of naming different styles. In the early days, there was a lack of standardized terms for specific looks, making it challenging for people to communicate their desired hairstyle. That’s when Nicholas started giving each style a name after a celebrity who embodied that look. For example, he mentioned the Jack Kugman style and the Tom Jones style.

Interestingly, Nicholas brought up a curious article displayed on the studio wall. It recounted the story of a baby who had to wear a hat at night, but the concern was that it might accidentally come off and cause harm. Nicholas came up with the idea of attaching a hairpiece to the hat, ensuring it stayed in place without risk. Letterman humorously questioned whether anyone had choked to death while wearing a hairpiece, to which Nicholas jokingly responded, “Only if they decided to eat it.”

Amidst all the banter, Letterman couldn’t help but ask Nicholas a personal question: whether he himself wore any of his own hairpieces. With a smile, Nicholas revealed that he did indeed wear a hairpiece, but clarified that everything from the hair down was his own. He then showcased a new style, which he explained was aimed at a younger generation, evoking comparisons to an opening act for Don Ho.

Concluding the interview, Nicholas emphasized the importance of courage when it comes to buying a hairpiece. He read a chapter from his book, which stressed the need to have the courage to stop thinking about it and start shopping for happiness. The courage to face the world with a new look, the courage to show loved ones and friends the transformation, and the courage to embrace a new sense of self.

This captivating interview with Nicholas of Hollywood on the talk show ‘David Letterman‘ shed light on the fascinating world of hairpieces, styling, and the courage it takes to embrace a new look. Viewers were left with an abundance of curiosity and a newfound appreciation for the artistry behind the stars’ immaculate appearances.