On a recent episode of the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” talk show, actor Josh Brolin made quite an impression with his lively and unpredictable demeanor. As a seasoned movie and TV star, Brolin has gained a reputation as a “man’s man,” which is evident in his roles and even his name. Brolin’s Supernatural Western, “Outer Range,” will be returning for its second season on May 16th on Prime Video.

The interview kicked off with Kimmel expressing his excitement to have Brolin as a guest, noting that he is always unpredictable and brings a unique energy to the show. Brolin, clearly enjoying the audience’s presence, mentioned that his last appearance on the show was five years ago but couldn’t recall the details of that time. The conversation then shifted to Brolin’s book, a revealing memoir that he has written. Brolin shared that writing the memoir was a humbling experience, as people often expect him to exploit others or create legal conflicts. He jokingly referenced his fictitious encounters with Ron Paul and Jimmy Kimmel, emphasizing that he did not shoot any of his pets, as seen in movies like “No Country for Old Men” and “American Gangster.”

The memoir contains many revealing stories, and Brolin is not afraid to call out famous friends in it. He clarified that the book is not about enemies, as he claims to have none. However, he did mention writing a significant portion about his friends, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski. Brolin also reminisced about his early career, particularly his first job as an actor in “The Goonies.” He reflected on the unique wardrobe choices in the movie and his initial fears of being written off. Brolin also shared some surprising details about his pre-acting life, as he worked as a busboy in an Italian restaurant and even dabbled in selling drugs briefly.

The conversation then turned to Brolin’s involvement in the Sci-Fi Western series, “Outer Range.” Brolin expressed his surprise at the intense fanbase the show has developed and mentioned how encounters with passionate fans can be both overwhelming and exciting. This led to a discussion about Brolin’s experience directing the upcoming season of the show. Despite feeling uncomfortable transitioning from being one of the actors to being in charge, Brolin embraced the opportunity to funnel his diverse interests into directing and found it to be a fulfilling endeavor.

As Brolin concluded his interview, he spoke about the valuable lessons he learned from acclaimed directors he has worked with, such as Oliver Stone, Guillermo del Toro, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Gus Van Sant. One significant lesson Brolin learned was to approach directing with no pretense and to foster a collaborative environment with the actors. He shared a memorable experience working with Ethan and Joel Coen on “No Country for Old Men,” where they encouraged him to bring authenticity to his character by allowing him to improvise during a crucial scene.

The interview showcased the charismatic and unfiltered side of Josh Brolin, making it an entertaining and engaging segment on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Fans of Brolin and “Outer Range” can look forward to his memoir and the upcoming season of the show, set to premiere on May 16th.