Conan O’Brien, the renowned host of talk show “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend,” recently expressed his desire to give his podcast a new look. In an amusing episode featuring his sidekick Sona Messian and guest Matt Gorley, Conan proposed the idea of having a NASA-themed backdrop for their discussions.

Conan kicked off the conversation by suggesting the addition of a small signage on their microphones, similar to what reporters use. Jokingly, he pondered if they could brandish their show’s name or better yet, showcase the word “NASA.” Conan, known for his playful banter, quipped that there was no reason NASA would chase them legally, and the insignia could draw some attention.

Amidst the laughter, Conan elaborated on the idea, proposing that the three of them dress in white sleeve button-ups with black ties, imitating the appearance of NASA professionals. However, the comedic twist would be that they would continue their usual humorous discussions and not delve into science-related topics. Conan even suggested they all get flat tops to complete the look.

While Sona speculated about the effect on their credibility, Conan believed the NASA association might make people take them more seriously. His plan included having a large display of a flattened-out globe behind them, hinting at re-entry telemetry, thus sparking curiosity among viewers.

As the conversation progressed, Conan and Sona playfully commented on celebrities and shared amusing anecdotes. They even referenced a fictional game show they had participated in hosted by Wink Marale. Their comedic chemistry continued as they discussed Peak Design, a company known for its travel gear, and shared jokes about various topics.

In between the jokes and banter, Conan returned to his NASA idea, remarking that it could bring a fresh twist to their podcast and make their comedy stand out. Matt, the more reserved member of the group, remained engaged with the conversation as they shared laughs and discussed NASA’s recent activities.

Ultimately, the episode showcased Conan’s humorous and light-hearted approach to entertainment. Although the NASA-themed backdrop may remain just an idea, it undoubtedly added another layer of fun to the podcast experience. Conan’s ability to find the comedy in any situation and engage his audience with his quick wit is what continues to make “Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend” a fan-favorite.