During a recent episode of Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, Tiffany Haddish shared an entertaining and relatable story about her early days in comedy. The conversation took a hilarious turn as Haddish discussed her experience performing at a Women’s Conference that turned out to be mainly attended by lesbians. Unaware of the audience composition, Haddish bombed her set by telling boyfriend and dick jokes. The audience heckled her, leaving her feeling like a “piece of meat.” Despite the rough reception, she persevered to complete her 15-minute performance, determined to earn her $50 payment. This experience taught her a valuable lesson about knowing her audience and tailoring her jokes accordingly.

Being a comedian, Haddish emphasized the importance of learning from failures and mistakes. She admitted that not every joke or comedic attempt would work, but she remains committed to constantly improving her craft. If a joke doesn’t work after performing it multiple times, she knows it’s time to let it go and try something else. Haddish also discussed the concept of trying too hard on a joke or idea and realizing that if it doesn’t come easily, it’s probably not meant to be. Sometimes, a failed attempt can lead to a better idea or direction for her comedy.

Switching gears, Haddish shared some personal stories about her life outside of comedy. She admitted to being a hoarder of clothes, refusing to give away items that no longer fit her. Even though she’s moved up in clothing sizes, she still holds onto the hope of fitting into her old clothes again. She humorously acknowledged the struggle of seeing her sisters wear the clothes she’s given them and feeling the urge to take them back. Haddish joked about her internal struggle while outwardly supporting their fashion choices.

On a more serious note, Haddish spoke about her commitment to her community and her desire to make a positive difference in South Central, where she resides. She shared her passion for buying properties and renting them out to organizations that assist foster youth with housing and life skills. Haddish’s goal is to provide support and mentorship while using her success to uplift her community. Although she keeps a low profile when it comes to her ownership, she occasionally visits the properties to mentor the youth and ensure everything is in order, all while reminding them who’s in charge.

Towards the end of the interview, Haddish revealed a lesser-known side of her life. Despite attending fancy events and rubbing shoulders with the Hollywood elite, she rarely skips a beat to return to her roots in South Central. Upon leaving one prestigious event, she changed into more casual attire and headed straight to her friend’s house in Compton for a car party. Haddish mentioned that her face was still “beat for the gods” from the event, but that didn’t stop her from showing up and unleashing her competitive side during a game of Spades. The sight of Haddish’s presence in the neighborhood attracted attention, with people taking pictures and even prompting the police to step in and ensure her safety. Haddish confidently brushed off their concerns, reminding them that she frequents the community without any issues, jokingly dubbing herself the self-proclaimed “Queen of the Hood.”

Tiffany Haddish‘s appearance on Conan O’Brien‘s talk show was filled with laughter and personal anecdotes that showcased her authenticity and relatability. Her dedication to comedy, commitment to her community, and ability to find joy in the simplest moments make her a true entertainment force. Whether she’s cracking jokes on stage or bringing laughter to her neighborhood, Haddish proves that she is not only talented but also genuine and deserving of her success.