Chris Perfetti, who portrays Jacob Hill, a history teacher on the hit show Abbott Elementary, recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Last time he was on the talk show, he was thrilled to meet Jennifer Lopez as a guest. This time, he had the pleasure of meeting Victoria Beckham. Chris jokingly suggested that the show is tailor-made for him and asked Jimmy Kimmel who he would like to see as a guest next.

Having wrapped up season 3 of Abbott Elementary, Chris will be heading back to his hometown of Brooklyn. Coming from a loud Italian family, he described them as “spaghettis” rather than “Petes,” which is their family name meaning “perfect” in Italian. Contrary to the loud and ill-mannered stereotype of an Italian family, Chris’s family is nice, well-mannered, and polite.

During his previous appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Chris had praised his co-star Lisa Ann Walter, who is known for her excellent cooking skills, particularly her meatballs. He had even mentioned that her meatballs rivaled his grandmother’s recipe. However, it seems his family did not take it lightly. Chris revealed that his family got wind of the comment and changed the garage code to prevent him from entering. Joking aside, he did mention that his family watches the show every week and offers their ideas and feedback.

When asked about his family’s ideas for the show, Chris mentioned that it’s mostly his mom who suggests ideas. However, he playfully admitted that her ideas are not funny. Chris explained that his mom believes he should be the lead in every scene and that the show should have more drama, which is not in line with the comedic nature of Abbott Elementary. Although he appreciates his mom’s protectiveness, he acknowledged that her ideas may not fit the show’s format.

Chris also shared a touching memory from his school days. He vividly recalled a teacher who handed him a play, which ultimately influenced the trajectory of his life. He confessed that he was a bad student and had no business being in school. However, some teachers recognized his potential and helped him find his passion for acting. As a testament to the impact teachers have, Chris recounted a surprising incident where one of his teachers, in the midst of delivering pizzas during the summer break, arrived at his house with a pizza. The unexpected encounter left Chris speechless and shocked.

In conclusion, Chris Perfetti‘s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was filled with humor, anecdotes, and insights into his Italian family dynamics. Despite his mom’s not-so-funny ideas for the show, Chris appreciates her support and the role teachers have played in shaping his life. With another successful season of Abbott Elementary under his belt, Chris will be enjoying some well-deserved rest and relaxation before returning to set.

(Note: The air date of Chris Perfetti‘s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was not provided in the provided information.)