On a recent episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, talk show host Jonathan Ross welcomed the one and only Jeremy Clarkson to the stage. Known for his love of all things cars and his unfiltered opinions, Clarkson never fails to entertain.

During their chat, Clarkson revealed that he still enjoys driving despite his controversial history with automobiles. He even owns a Porsche, which he adoringly described as a “Turbojet.” However, when it comes to driving in California, Clarkson exclaimed, “I’m never driving there again!”

As the conversation continued, the topic of Google search results came up. Clarkson shared his clever strategy for pushing unwanted stories about him down in the search rankings. By creating new and fresh content on Twitter, he can redirect the attention away from undesirable articles. It seems that Clarkson has mastered the art of managing his online presence.

Ross also asked Clarkson about his opinion on politicians Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. Clarkson admitted that while many of their fans might expect him to support these figures, he is actually pro-European and finds it challenging to align with a party that wants to exit the European Union.

Of course, the discussion wouldn’t be complete without diving into Clarkson’s infamous remarks about other countries. Ross playfully called him out for his humorous insults, particularly targeting France and Spain. Clarkson defended his criticisms, claiming that he loves Europe and has a particular fondness for Italian speed limits, or lack thereof.

In the midst of the lighthearted banter, the conversation shifted to a more personal side of Clarkson. Ross asked him about his relationship with his 13-year-old daughter and showed a picture of the two at the Oscars. Clarkson laughed as he described his daughter’s reaction to the event, saying it was “like being in Madame Tussauds, but everyone’s moving!”

As the interview progressed, Clarkson shared an amusing story from his younger years. He confessed to buying a car for £50 at the age of 13, claiming that he looked older and even had a beard. To add to the mischief, Clarkson also revealed that he had a 19-year-old girlfriend at the time.

The interview concluded with a preview of the new Top Gear DVD, showcasing Clarkson enjoying a road trip in Germany. However, the segment took a hilarious turn when Ross teased Clarkson about mimicking someone with a disability. The exchange added a pinch of controversy to an otherwise entertaining conversation.

All in all, Clarkson’s appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show proved once again why he is a beloved and controversial figure in the world of entertainment. With his sharp wit, unfiltered opinions, and limitless love for cars, Clarkson captivated the audience with his storytelling and undeniable charm. The talk show truly comes alive when celebrities like Jeremy Clarkson grace the stage, reminding us why we tune in week after week.