In a recent interview on the talk show “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” actor Chris Pine discussed his new movie “Poolman” and opened up about his unique sense of style, growing up in Los Angeles, and his love for the city. The interview was lively and entertaining, showcasing Pine’s charismatic personality.

Right from the start, Pine’s presence captivated the audience. As he took the stage, the crowd erupted in applause for the talented and popular actor. Pine not only stars in the new movie “Poolman” but also co-wrote and directed it, showcasing his versatility and creativity.

Jimmy Kimmel wasted no time diving into the conversation, starting with Pine’s eccentric fashion choices. Kimmel pointed out that Pine’s outfits have become increasingly outlandish, with funky linen pants and unique combinations. Pine attributed this to his desire for a good time and a way to take a break from the hardships of life. He admitted to liking outfits that make him giggle, mentioning that he would be ridiculed by his friends if he dressed like that on a regular day.

The talk show took an interesting turn when Kimmel showcased several pictures of Pine’s outfits, including his premiere outfit for “Poolman.” Pine explained that he included personal items in the movie, such as his own t-shirt and corduroy shorts that hold sentimental value. This attention to detail and personal touch added authenticity to the film.

Pine’s love for Los Angeles was apparent throughout the interview. He spoke fondly of iconic LA locations, such as Langer’s Deli, known for serving the best pastrami in the whole United States. Pine humorously pointed out that he and Kimmel should go for a pastrami sandwich, showcasing their shared appreciation for LA’s culinary delights.

Apart from fashion and LA nostalgia, Pine shared insights into the making of “Poolman.” He revealed that the film is a love letter to LA, drawing inspiration from his own experiences growing up in the city. Pine explained how certain elements in the movie, such as characters and locations, were based on real-life people and places he encountered. The characters Jack Denisof and Diana Spenard, played by Danny DeVito and Annette Benning, mirror his own parents in many ways.

Pine also shared a funny anecdote about his father’s storytelling. He explained that a scene in the film, unrelated to the main plot, was inspired by his father’s tendency to tell elaborate and never-ending stories. Pine’s ability to infuse personal experiences into the film added an authentic touch to the storytelling.

Throughout the interview, Pine’s infectious energy and humor were on full display, keeping the audience engaged and entertained. As the interview came to a close, the actor urged viewers to watch “Poolman” and promised an unforgettable cinematic experience.

In summary, Chris Pine‘s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” was a lively and entertaining conversation. The actor discussed his unique fashion sense, his deep-rooted connection to Los Angeles, and the personal touches he added to his new movie “Poolman.” Pine’s infectious energy and captivating storytelling made for an unforgettable interview.