During a recent episode of the talk show Conan O’Brien, the host had a fascinating conversation with Margaret, a pianist, and early childhood teacher. What started as a conversation about Margaret‘s career as a piano teacher quickly turned into an intriguing discussion about her unique talent for composing personal soundtracks for people based on her intuition.

Conan was intrigued by Margaret‘s claim that she could compose a song about him just by talking to him for a little bit. Margaret confidently agreed to take on the challenge and explained her process of intuitive composing.

Margaret also shared her work in early childhood education, specifically her program called “Music in Nature.” In this program, she encourages children to explore their surroundings and create music using natural objects. Whether it’s hitting rocks with sticks or playing a graded fence xylophone, Margaret believes that any sound can be considered music.

Conan and Margaret also delved into the topic of risky play and resilience in children. Margaret emphasized the importance of allowing children to engage in activities that may seem risky in order to foster resilience and creativity. She shared stories of taking children out to the river and exploring the ice, all while teaching them about physics and safety.

Throughout the lively conversation, Conan couldn’t help but draw parallels between Margaret‘s musical talent and his own comedic style. Margaret‘s intuitive composing and ability to create personal soundtracks reminded Conan of the cartoon character Bugs Bunny, known for his playful and creative antics. Margaret agreed that there was indeed a similarity between Conan and Bugs Bunny, as both have a knack for embracing humor and funny accents.

Conan and Margaret also found themselves sidetracked by a discussion about the difference between “ring dings” and “ding-dongs.” While this may seem unrelated to their conversation, it showcased the playful and spontaneous nature of their exchange.

Overall, Margaret‘s talent for intuitive composing and her passion for music and nature left Conan and the audience astounded. Her ability to connect with people through personalized soundtracks is both fascinating and impressive. After this engaging interview, it’s safe to say that Conan O’Brien‘s personal soundtrack would be a mix of creativity, humor, and a touch of mischief.