Desi Lydic, one of the hosts of The Daily Show, recently appeared as a guest on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. During the interview, Lydic mentioned that Stephen Colbert had written a rulebook on field pieces during his time at The Daily Show, where Lydic has been a correspondent since 2015.

Lydic expressed her love for working on The Daily Show and how she had always admired Colbert’s work. She revealed that Colbert had left a huge mark on the show and even wrote a 10-point guideline on how to make a great field piece. Field pieces are known for their comedic value and require the correspondent to come back with a great interview no matter what.

Lydic humorously mentioned that she had expected the guideline to be immensely helpful in her current role as a host on The Daily Show. However, she joked that nothing from the document had come in handy so far. Nevertheless, she acknowledged the impact and importance of field pieces in the world of comedy.

Colbert then asked Lydic about her path to The Daily Show. She shared that she had previously worked for ABC News and had written for popular shows like Dana Carvey and Saturday Night Live. Lydic mentioned that she auditioned three times before finally landing her dream job on The Daily Show. She emphasized how it was a coveted show to be a part of due to the incredible work done by Colbert and other correspondents.

Colbert also asked about Lydic’s experience as a waitress before joining The Daily Show. Lydic humorously admitted that she was a terrible waitress and would often make up intricate specials because she couldn’t remember them. She recalled amusing incidents when she would tell customers that the specials were sold out because they were so popular. Despite not enjoying waitressing, Lydic confessed that she loved the busy rush of being a waiter.

Overall, the interview between Desi Lydic and Stephen Colbert showcased their camaraderie and humor. Lydic’s admiration for Colbert and his impact on The Daily Show was evident throughout the conversation. Both, as hosts and comedians, entertained the audience with their lively banter and insightful anecdotes.

In conclusion, Desi Lydic‘s appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert provided a glimpse into her experience on The Daily Show and shed light on the influence of Stephen Colbert‘s rulebook on field pieces. The interview was filled with laughter and entertaining stories, illustrating the vibrant world of late-night talk shows.