The latest episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert featured the charming and talented Ryan Gosling. The duo discussed their shared Canadian roots and the undeniable brotherhood between them. Colbert introduced the audience to a unique segment called the Cold Beer Questionnaire, designed to break through the barriers and get to know the real person behind the celebrity.

As the interview unfolded, it became clear that this questionnaire would provide some interesting insights into Gosling’s personality and preferences. The first question, “What is the best sandwich: ice cream?” seemed to catch Gosling off guard. After some playful banter, he admitted that the Ice Cream Sandwich holds a special place in his heart, though he declined to reveal his eating technique.

Next, they delved into Gosling’s first concert experience. Surprisingly, it wasn’t a famous artist but his uncle Perry, who performed as Elvis. Gosling recalled the iconic performance that left a lasting impression on him and sparked his desire to become a performer himself.

The conversation took a spooky turn when Colbert asked Gosling about the scariest animal. Gosling’s immediate response was “mosquitoes” – a surprising yet valid choice, considering they are responsible for more human deaths than any other creature on Earth.

The Cold Beer Questionnaire moved onto simpler topics, such as the ongoing debate between apples and oranges. Gosling cleverly introduced scurvy prevention as a reason to lean towards oranges, but he couldn’t deny the appeal of making a bong out of an apple, leaving the audience in laughter.

The interview took a personal turn when they discussed autograph collecting. Gosling confessed that his first autograph request ended in rejection from the legendary Ultimate Warrior. However, it was Miss Angela Bassett who gave him his first autograph, a cherished memory from his teenage years.

Colbert couldn’t resist asking Gosling about life’s biggest mystery – death. Gosling’s response, “We wake up,” left everyone contemplating their own beliefs. The conversation then lightened up as they talked about his favorite action movies, with the unexpected mention of the film “No Retreat, No Surrender” and its unique storyline involving Bruce Lee mentoring a young boy through his reflection in a mirror.

The questionnaire continued with questions about favorite smells and least favorite smells. Gosling’s love for flowers and dogs’ paws as favorite smells won the hearts of the audience. On the other hand, he jokingly mentioned the unexpected unpleasantness of a Motorola Razor phone’s smelly keypad.

As the interview approached the end, they delved into Gosling’s earliest memories, his preference between cats and dogs (ultimately choosing both), and recalling his experiences with roommates.

The segment concluded with the challenging question of choosing only one song to listen to for the rest of his life. Gosling confidently selected “Push It” by Salt-N-Pepa, citing its everlasting appeal and timeless energy.

In true Colbert fashion, Gosling ended the interview with a fun mind game, in which Colbert gave his best guess at the number Gosling was thinking of. After some entertaining back-and-forth, the answer remained a mystery.

The episode ended on a high note, with Colbert congratulating Gosling on a successful interview and bidding farewell to the audience.

Ryan Gosling‘s appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was nothing short of captivating. Through the Cold Beer Questionnaire, the audience got a glimpse into the actor’s candid and witty personality. This engaging interview left us wanting more and reminded us why Gosling continues to be one of Hollywood’s most beloved stars.