The conversation kicked off with a discussion about ‘Bridgerton‘, with Nicola playfully describing it as “colorful, flashy, and extremely racy.” She quipped, “Someone’s granny is going to sit down and have a heart attack, you know, or if she’s going to watch it, make sure she’s had a lot of Bailey’s.” Nicola went on to explain that the show is based on romance novels and that once the characters start “shagging,” there’s no stopping them.

Surprisingly, Nicola revealed that she didn’t expect to land the role of Penelope Featherington on ‘Bridgerton‘. After her initial audition, she thought she would never hear about it again. However, to her surprise, she received a call offering her the part. She confessed that she even acted out a hilarious scene from a controversial incident involving an Irish pop star during her audition, which mimicked her mother’s accent. Fortunately, her bold move paid off, and she landed the role.

As the conversation shifted to Nicola’s portrayal of Queen Charlotte on ‘Bridgerton‘, she expressed her pride in the show’s commitment to diversity and color-blind casting. She stated that as an actor, it is essential to be part of something that truly represents the world we live in today. Nicola, who is of biracial heritage, is excited to tap into her mother’s side of her heritage for her role as Queen Charlotte.

However, the surprises and coincidences did not end there. Graham Norton pointed out that they had two people on the show who have portrayed Queen Charlotte, as Peter Capaldi, who was also a guest, played the character in a different production. The conversation took an even more unexpected turn when Nicola’s parents were mentioned. It turns out that they met through music while singing in a choir. Nicola later shared a delightful photo of her parents on their wedding day, taken at a very early hour due to the limited availability of the wedding officiant.

But the most fascinating revelation came when Nicola shared a childhood story about her first crush. At just five years old, she was infatuated with a boy who lived in Cork. Wanting to express her affection, Nicola decided to send him a romantic gesture: some of her baby teeth. She laughed as she admitted her young self’s belief that this would be the ultimate romantic gesture. While the reason for this peculiar choice remains unknown, it’s undoubtedly an adorable and unforgettable memory.

Overall, Nicola Coughlan‘s appearance on ‘The Graham Norton Show‘ was an entertaining and insightful conversation filled with laughter and surprises. Fans can’t wait to see what other fascinating stories she will have to share as her career continues to flourish. As for ‘Bridgerton‘ enthusiasts, they are eagerly awaiting the next season of the hit show, hoping for even more scandal and romance in the enchanting world of Regency-era London.