At this year’s Little League World Series, a 12-year-old sensation named Sean Burroughs wowed the crowd with his incredible skills. Pitching two no-hitters and hitting three home runs, Burroughs played a major role in leading the Long Beach California Allstar team to its second consecutive championship. Recently, he appeared on the popular talk show hosted by David Letterman, where he was hailed as one of the heroes of the game.

During his interview, Letterman questioned Burroughs about his experience in New York City. It was his first time visiting and he expressed his enjoyment of the city, mentioning his visit to Mickey Mantle’s restaurant. Despite being a celebrity and sports star in his own right, Burroughs admitted that not everyone recognized him at the restaurant.

Letterman then shifted the conversation to the dominance of Taiwanese teams in recent years. However, Burroughs revealed that several teams from the Far East, including Taiwan, were disqualified due to players being too old. Burroughs’ team, the seventh-place team, took advantage of the opportunity and made it to the World Series.

The talk show host pressed Burroughs on how they discovered the age discrepancy. Burroughs humorously shared that the previous year, they noticed the Dominican Republic team shaving in the bathroom, which indicated they were older than they claimed. Additionally, the same player who shaved also drove the team bus. These instances made it clear that they were dealing with teams that didn’t meet the age requirements.

Reflecting on their victory the previous year, when they won due to a forfeit, Burroughs expressed that it was unsatisfying. This year, however, with fair competition and kids playing as they should, their goal was to win on the field. This mindset showcases the importance they placed on integrity and sportsmanship.

Letterman also inquired about the differences between the regular season and the World Series. Burroughs pointed out that there were stricter rules during the series, including a curfew, while they had more freedom during the regular season.

The interview took a lighthearted turn when Letterman asked if there were any pranks or mischief the team got up to during their stay. Burroughs confessed that they played a game called “ditch ’em” in the hotel lobby after bed check. He explained the rules of the game, revealing that it involved hiding and seeking.

Letterman couldn’t help but ask about the influence of Burroughs’ father, a former major leaguer, who served as his coach. Burroughs shrugged off any pressure, as he was used to his dad coaching him for the past seven years. He expressed his preference for being a hitter, pointing out the potential financial rewards, just like superstar Barry Bonds.

With a mischievous glint in their eyes, Letterman hinted at smashing car windows outside. Burroughs eagerly agreed, promising some excitement. However, due to time constraints, the duo didn’t get the chance to indulge in that particular adventure.

In conclusion, Sean Burroughs‘ appearance on David Letterman‘s talk show was a testament to his talent and the hard work he put in on the baseball field. As a young sports star, Burroughs continues to impress and inspire, proving that age is just a number when it comes to brilliance in the game of baseball.