David Letterman‘s talk show is known for hosting a variety of talented guests, and one such memorable appearance was from acclaimed saxophonist David Sanborn. In a fan-submitted question during the show, a viewer from London, Ontario, Canada, asked what David Letterman did to deserve the recognition Sanborn gave him on his new album. Sanborn graciously responded, acknowledging that Letterman deserved credit for his contribution.

Sanborn then joined Letterman on the show, showcasing his newest album, “Straight to the Heart,” which had recently gone gold. He also discussed his latest release, “A Change of Heart,” which was entering Billboard’s Jazz charts at number three. The audience welcomed Sanborn with applause as he took the stage to talk about his music career.

During the conversation, Sanborn expressed his appreciation for playing with Letterman’s band on the show every Thursday, describing it as a thrill. When asked about his musical influences, Sanborn mentioned artists like Prince, the Talking Heads, and Branford Marsalis. Clearly, Sanborn had a keen appreciation for contemporary musicians and their talents.

Letterman inquired about Sanborn’s journey with the saxophone. Sanborn revealed that he had been playing the instrument for more than 20 years since he first picked it up in high school when he was just 11 years old. His initial inspiration came from hearing the legendary Ray Charles and his saxophone player, igniting a desire within Sanborn to pursue the instrument.

Although Sanborn hadn’t yet played with Ray Charles himself, the idea of such a collaboration intrigued him. The conversation moved on to discussing the saxophone’s role in symphonic pieces. Letterman wondered if the saxophone was one of the few instruments not written into this type of music. Sanborn corrected him, mentioning that composer Béla Bartók had indeed written for the saxophone in a symphony. Letterman jokingly suggested that Sanborn must have heard this composition on his walkman.

As the interview drew to a close, Letterman proposed the idea of collaborating on an album together. Sanborn responded enthusiastically, saying he would be willing to produce it. After all, they had worked well together during Sanborn’s last recording session. With that exciting possibility on the table, the segment ended, leaving viewers eager to see if this collaboration would come to fruition.

David Sanborn‘s appearance on David Letterman‘s talk show was a testament to the engaging and diverse guests the show attracts. The conversation was filled with laughs, insights into Sanborn’s musical journey, and the promise of future projects. As fans eagerly anticipate any potential collaboration between these two talented individuals, the exchange served as a reminder of the vibrant energy and entertainment that talk shows like David Letterman‘s deliver on a regular basis.