In a recent episode of the popular talk show David Letterman, the audience was treated to an entertaining interview with none other than Chuck Norris, action star and former karate world champion. Norris, best known for his role in Walker Texas Ranger, has been a hit on CBS for three years now, and his success has only continued to grow.

During the interview, Letterman and Norris discussed the authenticity of the show, which is based on the files of the Texas Rangers. Norris revealed that they have two advisors from the Texas Rangers to ensure accuracy, and some of the storylines are actually taken from real-life cases. This unique aspect of the show has undoubtedly contributed to its popularity with viewers.

But authenticity aside, one particular episode of Walker Texas Ranger caught Letterman’s attention. In this upcoming episode, Norris was injured while filming a scene involving a rattlesnake. The scene required him and his on-screen Indian blood brother to catch a snake each, with the one with the most rattlers having to cook it. As the footage showed, Norris got the short end of the stick when the snake bit his hand.

Letterman and the audience watched in shock as the slow-motion replay showed the snake striking Norris’s hand. The pain was evident, with blood flying all over the place. Despite being devenomized, the bite was still quite painful for Norris. Remarkably, he continued shooting for another three hours before receiving medical attention.

As the conversation took a lighthearted turn, Letterman delved into Norris’s personal life. The talk show host discovered that Norris is not only of Irish descent but also has Cherokee heritage. This heritage is incorporated into the show, with Norris’s character being half-Cherokee. Letterman was keen to know more about Norris’s Cherokee background, but the action star admitted his knowledge is limited.

The interview also touched on Norris’s recent honeymoon. Rather than throwing a grand wedding, Norris and his fiancée decided to have an intimate ceremony and opted for a spectacular honeymoon in Greece. They rented a boat and cruised the Greek Islands for eight blissful days. Norris described it as being “Heaven” and said he had never been to Greece before.

Congratulations poured in from Letterman and the audience for the beginning of Walker Texas Ranger’s fourth season on CBS. Norris expressed his gratitude for the success of the show and his joy at being a part of the network for four years.

Indeed, the interview with Chuck Norris on David Letterman was a delightful and entertaining affair. Norris’s resilience in the face of injury and his down-to-earth personality shone through, making him even more admired by fans. As Walker Texas Ranger continues to captivate audiences, it’s clear that Chuck Norris is truly a force to be reckoned with in the world of action television.