Jennifer Lopez made a captivating appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” recently, where she discussed meeting her idol Barbra Streisand, turning 55 on tour, and her transition into the action genre. The superstar, known for her incredible talent and charismatic personality, engaged the audience with her charm and wit.

During her interview with host Jimmy Kimmel, it became apparent that Lopez is not only adored by fans but also by other celebrities. Kimmel mentioned that Lopez smells amazing, to which she graciously responded with a thank you. The conversation then took a surprising turn when Kimmel revealed that he knew Slash, and Lopez immediately expressed her knowledge of the iconic musician. However, it turns out they only shared the same gym, not a personal connection.

Kimmel then brought up the fact that Lopez has now become one of those legendary individuals whom other famous people tell stories about meeting. He compared her to the likes of Beyonce, President Obama, Oprah, and Willie Nelson. Lopez confirmed his statement by recalling her encounter with actress Brie Larson, who revealed she had been a fan since watching the movie “Selena,” which inspired her to pursue acting. The intensity of Larson’s admiration led to an emotional breakdown during their meeting, and Lopez was deeply moved by the experience.

The conversation then shifted to Lopez’s own encounter with her idol, Barbra Streisand. Lopez shared that her mom introduced her to Streisand’s music and movies, and when she finally met her, she was starstruck. Streisand showed interest in Lopez’s engagement ring at the time, leading to a heartfelt exchange. Lopez admired Streisand’s fame but was shocked when the iconic singer questioned how she handled her own celebrity status. Streisand’s kindness and advice left a lasting impact on Lopez, who revealed that she now looks for five memorable scenes when reading scripts, as recommended by her idol.

As the interview continued, Kimmel asked Lopez about her upcoming tour and turning 55 while on the road. Lopez expressed her excitement to get back on stage after a five-year break and assured everyone that she would bring the party wherever she goes. Although her 16-year-old twins may not join her for the entire tour, they will be there for some of it. However, Lopez admitted that it could be awkward for them to witness their mom performing sexy dance moves on stage.

The conversation concluded with a discussion about Lopez’s latest action movie, “Atlas,” which premieres on Netflix. When Kimmel asked if she ever imagined herself starring in big action films, Lopez admitted that she initially saw herself in singing, dancing, and dramatic roles. However, stepping into the action genre has been an exciting and fulfilling experience for her. The movie explores the theme of artificial intelligence, reflecting the ongoing debate surrounding AI’s potential impact on humanity.

Lopez then lightened the mood by sharing her favorite action movie of all time, mentioning the classic film, “True Lies,” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jamie Lee Curtis. She appreciated the movie’s balance between humor, seriousness, and great action, which also aligns with her latest film, “Atlas.”

Wrapping up the interview, Kimmel mentioned how successful Lopez’s films have been on Netflix and asked if she would consider joining a show like “American Idol” again. Despite having appeared on the show for five seasons, Lopez clarified that she feels her time on “American Idol” has come to an end. With her current tour and upcoming film keeping her busy, it seems unlikely that she will return to the popular singing competition.

Jennifer Lopez continues to dazzle audiences with her talents, whether in music, film, or on talk shows like “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Her magnetic presence and incredible journey in the entertainment industry have solidified her status as one of the most beloved celebrities today. Fans eagerly await her upcoming movie, “Atlas,” and can’t wait to see her electrifying performances on the tour.