In a recent interview on David Letterman‘s talk show, British singer George Michael opened up about his arrest for “outdoor nookie” in California. The multiple Grammy Award nominee, known for selling over 60 million albums, sat down with Letterman to discuss the incident and clarify any misconceptions.

This was George Michael‘s first appearance on the show, leading to a humorous exchange between him and Letterman, who couldn’t remember if they had previously met. The singer joked about the confusion, saying that someone backstage was trying to throw a blonde wig on him and teach him different languages.

The conversation eventually turned to the arrest that took place about six months ago. George Michael revealed that he still had community service to fulfill but assured everyone that the situation was being handled. He mentioned a charity called Project Angel Food, which he already worked with, and expressed his intentions to continue doing so as part of his community service.

Letterman then addressed the incident directly, asking George Michael to recount what had happened. The singer explained that he had been “vaguely slightly inebriated” when he entered a public restroom opposite the Beverly Hills Hotel. He was followed inside by an attractive man who turned out to be a police officer.

George Michael stressed that nothing happened between them and claimed that he had been entrapped. He described the encounter in a lighthearted manner, highlighting the absurdity of the situation. Despite his innocence, he was taken to the Beverly Hills Police Department and later released, not expecting the enormous media attention that followed.

Letterman asked if George Michael planned to pursue legal action against the police for entrapment, but the singer explained that he did not want to escalate the situation. He had already made his case publicly and felt that taking it to court would only intensify the media circus surrounding the incident.

The conversation then shifted to a more light-hearted tone, with Letterman joking about George Michael‘s outlook on “outdoor nookie” and expressing his hope that the incident hadn’t soured the singer’s enthusiasm for such activities. George Michael emphasized that he didn’t have any issues with outdoor encounters, as long as they remained completely outdoor.

The interview concluded on a positive note, with George Michael appreciating the opportunity to share his side of the story. He assured Letterman that he would continue focusing on his life and career, rather than dwelling on the arrest. Despite the initial confusion surrounding their previous interactions, the singer expressed gratitude for being on the show and bid farewell to Letterman and the audience.

George Michael‘s appearance on David Letterman‘s talk show provided an entertaining and candid look into his arrest for “outdoor nookie.” The singer’s honesty and humor showcased his resilience in the face of adversity, leaving viewers with a better understanding of the incident and his outlook on life.