Fans of the popular talk show, Alan Carr: Chatty Man, were in for a treat as they watched a hilarious compilation of some of the most memorable moments on the show. From Paul O’Grady‘s love for absinthe to Matthew Perry‘s candid talk about his play, and the ever entertaining Dame Edna Everage, this compilation had it all.

The talk show, hosted by the charismatic Alan Carr, has always been known for its lively and entertaining atmosphere. With his quick wit and charm, Carr knows how to keep the audience engaged and the celebrities on their toes.

In one segment, Paul O’Grady admitted his love for absinthe and even requested a drop during his appearance on the show. Carr, always ready to oblige, handed him a bottle. O’Grady’s humorous take on the drink had the audience in stitches.

Matthew Perry, best known for his role in the hit sitcom Friends, talked about his play, “The End of Longing,” which deals with themes of love and romance. Perry, who also wrote the play, revealed that it appeals to a similar audience as Friends – people in their 30s and 40s. The play, darker than the beloved sitcom, explores the complexities of relationships.

Dame Edna Everage, the iconic character created by comedian Barry Humphries, brought her signature wit and humor to the show. Known for her flamboyant outfits and larger-than-life personality, Dame Edna shared her thoughts on the Royals and the upcoming royal wedding. She even revealed that she will be the maid of honor, as well as in charge of organizing the hen night for the bride-to-be.

As the compilation continued, it showcased the unforgettable moments and hilarious banter that have made Alan Carr: Chatty Man such a success. From the uproarious laughter to the candid conversations, this talk show never fails to entertain.

With its star-studded guest lineup and Carr’s infectious energy, Alan Carr: Chatty Man has become a must-watch for fans of chat shows. Whether it’s the latest celebrity gossip or heartfelt discussions about important topics, this show has it all.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and lively talk show to brighten up your evenings, be sure to tune in to Alan Carr: Chatty Man. You never know what surprises and delightful moments await you in each episode.