In a recent appearance on Conan O’Brien‘s talk show, John Krasinski couldn’t help but compliment Conan’s biking look. The two friends have often discussed going for a bike ride together, and now that John has seen Conan’s biking prowess, he is even more impressed.

John, known for his role in “The Office,” expressed his admiration for Conan’s biking outfit. In fact, he humorously compared Conan to a superhero who had incredible powers, but unfortunately didn’t have a good enough outfit to join the X-Men. The paparazzi even captured a picture of Conan riding his bike, and John couldn’t help but be in awe of the “fantastic” image.

However, during their conversation, John brought up a common issue among avid bikers – the lack of fashionable biking gear. He pointed out that most options available for bikers are not appealing, as they are predominantly designed for time trials and shaving body hair, which is not his idea of biking casually.

John suggested that they should collaborate and create a clothing line specifically for biking gear that is both functional and stylish. He proposed the idea of hooded sweatshirts and cargo pants for bikers, showing that there is a demand for comfortable and fashionable options.

Additionally, John and Conan discussed the need for biking gear that provides sun protection. They jokingly brainstormed ideas like SPF-infused clothing or reflective materials to bounce off the sun’s rays, making biking on either side of the road more comfortable.

Conan chimed in, mentioning that he also faces a similar fashion dilemma when going to the beach. He lamented looking like an old lady with a giant hat and dark glasses, making him an easy target for the paparazzi. To make beach trips more enjoyable, they even contemplated creating stylish swimwear and accessories that offer sun protection while still looking trendy.

While this conversation started as a lighthearted exchange between two friends, it wouldn’t be surprising if they actually pursued the idea of a biking clothing line or sun-protective beachwear. Both John and Conan have the creativity and humor to turn such a venture into a success. We’ll have to wait and see if this bike ride conversation leads to a new and innovative collaboration between the two.