Dabney Coleman, the renowned actor, recently appeared on the famous talk show, David Letterman. As always, Coleman’s presence brought an exciting energy to the show. With his impressive acting skills, he has played a range of memorable characters on both the big screen and television.

During his interview, Coleman discussed his upcoming projects, including his role in the new film “War Games” and his starring role in the brand new NBC series “Buffalo Bill”. The show, titled “Buffalo Bill”, was set to debut the next evening, and Coleman expressed his excitement about it. He mentioned that they shot 13 episodes and were given the opportunity to do things their own way, making it slightly different from traditional talk shows.

One of the key members of the show’s writing team was Marco, who happened to be the head writer on David Letterman‘s show at one point. Coleman assured Letterman that he got along well with Marco, dispelling any potential concerns. The conversation then turned towards Coleman’s on-screen persona, often characterized as chauvinistic and egotistical. Coleman jokingly claimed that he actually embodied those qualities in real life, which garnered laughs from the audience.

The talk show host then steered the conversation towards Coleman’s character in “Buffalo Bill”. Coleman revealed that his character on the show shared some similarities to his previous roles, further building intrigue for the upcoming series.

The interview took an interesting turn when they played a clip from “Buffalo Bill”. The scene featured Coleman’s character, who was a talk show host, dealing with a boring guest during a live broadcast. Coleman brilliantly portrayed the frustration of trying to salvage a dull moment on air. The scene showcased his talent for portraying complex characters with charm and wit.

While discussing the inspiration behind his character in “Buffalo Bill”, Coleman hinted that the character was influenced by a combination of people, including a football coach, a baseball announcer, and even a communist friend. He amusingly stated that it was hard to pinpoint the exact sources of his inspiration after being in the industry for so long.

Coleman wrapped up the interview by discussing his new film, “War Games”, which was set to release that week. The movie, centered around a teenager inadvertently almost setting off World War III through computer hacking, intrigued both audiences and the actor himself. Coleman mentioned that similar incidents had occurred in real life, highlighting the plausibility of such a scenario.

As the interview drew to a close, Coleman expressed his appreciation for talk shows, including local ones like David Letterman‘s, as a form of entertainment. The host returned the kind words, commending Coleman on his work and wishing him continued success.

Dabney Coleman‘s appearance on David Letterman‘s talk show proved to be an engaging and lively conversation. With his immense talent, charm, and ability to portray complex characters, it is no wonder why he has remained a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. The audience eagerly anticipates both his new show, “Buffalo Bill”, and the release of “War Games”, as Coleman continues to captivate viewers with his exceptional performances.