Rachel Feinstein brought the laughs to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with her hilarious stand-up routine. In her appearance, she revealed what it’s like being married to a firefighter and having a liberal mom. Feinstein’s comedy special, “Big Guy,” will be premiering on Netflix on May 21st.

Feinstein started off by sharing a conversation with her husband backstage. When she asked him how she looked, he responded, “You look good. They did a good job with the makeup.” However, Feinstein found this comment devastating, comparing it to something you would say at a wake. She humorously pointed out that her husband is not great at complimenting, even nicknaming her “Big Guy.”

But Feinstein found satisfaction in telling this story onstage in front of her husband. While she expected the crowd to laugh at his expense, he misinterpreted it as them enjoying the joke. She hilariously clarified that they were laughing at him, not with him.

As a fireman, Feinstein’s husband possesses a particular kind of dumbness that suits his job. But sometimes, his time spent with his fellow firefighters leaves him coming home with conspiracy theories, like claiming they never went to the moon. Despite his occasional ridiculousness, she finds herself collectively attracted to all of them, describing her preference for thick-necked, ignorant-looking men.

Feinstein then delves into the contrast between her aggressively liberal mother and her husband’s Irish Catholic Brooklyn firefighter family. Her mom had hoped that Feinstein would marry a genderless Kenyan composter, and she even jokes about her mom praying that one of her children would turn out gay. On the other hand, her husband’s family is the complete opposite, guarding their properties and believing in conspiracy theories about the government.

Embracing her new life as a fire wife, Feinstein humorously shares her experiences attending FDNY events where all the women are named Gina. She pokes fun at the men’s ways of communicating, with their wholesome and Catholic-sounding greetings that always revolve around safety. The way they congratulated her on having a baby was also quite terrifying, as they sounded like they were about to admit something they shouldn’t.

Throughout her routine, Feinstein effortlessly combines personal anecdotes with clever observations, delivering her jokes with impeccable timing and wit. Her stand-up special, “Big Guy,” is sure to have audiences in stitches when it premieres on Netflix on May 21st.

In conclusion, Rachel Feinstein‘s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was filled with laughter as she shared hilarious stories about her life as a fire wife, navigating contrasting family dynamics, and her unique sense of humor. With her upcoming comedy special, “Big Guy,” she’s bound to entertain audiences with her distinctive comedic style.