In the latest episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the host delved into the ongoing trial of former fixer Michael Cohen and the presence of key figures in support of Donald Trump outside the courthouse. With his signature wit and charm, Colbert entertained the audience with his unique take on the proceedings.

Colbert began by highlighting the defense’s relentless efforts to depict Cohen as a serial liar seeking revenge against Trump. The host humorously compared Cohen’s affinity for lying to a person who lies about cereal. Colbert even referenced the infamous cereal mascots Toucan Sam and the cuckoo bird, suggesting a romantic connection between the two characters.

As evidence against Cohen, Trump’s lawyer played a clip from Cohen’s podcast where he celebrated Trump’s indictment. Colbert added his own humor, joking that the clip sounded artificially sped up due to Cohen’s giddiness. The host quipped about his own excitement for the trial, pondering the potential outcome if Trump were to be convicted.

Colbert continued to entertain the audience with anecdotes and observations from the trial. He touched upon the defense’s attempt to portray Cohen as feeling rejected by Trump, highlighting the irony of Cohen struggling to secure tickets for Trump’s 2017 inauguration. Colbert amusingly remarked that there were plenty of available seats, subtly referencing the relatively low attendance at the event.

Outside the court, Colbert noted the presence of Trump’s Congressional allies, including Representative Matt Gates, who made controversial comments on social media about a far-right hate group. The host sarcastically connected Gates’ support to the copious amounts of pizza ordered for lunch by Trump’s defense team.

The trial took a dramatic turn when Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanch, challenged Cohen’s claim that a phone call with Trump’s bodyguard was about paying off Stormy Daniels. Blanch questioned the brevity of the call, suggesting it wasn’t enough time for such a discussion. Colbert playfully described the exchange between Blanch and Cohen, likening it to a weak detective plot twist in a murder mystery.

Moving on from the trial, Colbert shifted his focus to the upcoming debates between Trump and Joe Biden. The host poked fun at Trump’s eagerness to debate Biden despite their previous encounters, jokingly cautioning Biden’s opponents about his metaphorical ability to consume Trump like Hannibal Lecter.

Colbert also mentioned the recent announcement by New York City Mayor Eric Adams regarding an upcoming Rat Summit. The mayor intends to address the city’s rat problem by bringing in experts to find solutions. Colbert injected his trademark humor, teasing how tourists might perceive New York if they learn it’s a city run by rats. He even added a satirical remark about Time Square’s Elmo getting eaten by rats.

In the realm of sports, Colbert shared an amusing incident from a major league soccer game where a raccoon unexpectedly found its way onto the field. The host playfully supported the idea of letting raccoons participate in every sport, marveling at their dexterity.

As the episode came to a close, Colbert excitedly previewed the upcoming guest lineup, including Bridgerton star Pria Jesse, musician Nora Jones, and the legendary David Letterman. With his trademark wit, Colbert promised an entertaining and lively show for his audience.

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