Walter Matthau, the versatile and Academy Award-winning actor, recently made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. During the show, he shared a rather strange story about his recent hospital stay.

Matthau explained that he was driving to see his stepdaughter in a play when he suddenly experienced a flash of light in his periphery. He thought it might be a firecracker or a neon sign flashing, but there was nothing there. Soon after, he started seeing black bugs, horse and wagons, and marbles. It turned out that he had a torn, detached, and hemorrhaged retina.

To seek treatment for his eye condition, Matthau went to the Jewel Stein Eye Clinic and was treated by Dr. Strater. The doctor used a technique called cryotherapy, which involves freezing the tissue to seal off the retina and prevent further damage. Fortunately, Matthau praised the clinic for their wonderful work and said that things were much better after the treatment.

During his hospital stay, Matthau found himself in a room with a rather eccentric roommate. The roommate, with a strange sense of humor, asked the nurse for a unique breakfast order. He requested orange juice to be poured into a urine specimen cup because he liked to smell a little urine when drinking it. He also asked for runny eggs, rare bacon, and even coffee that was left over from the previous week. The nurse was taken aback, but the roommate pointed out that she had served him a similar breakfast the day before.

Matthau joked about the peculiarities of his roommate, commenting that he seems to attract the funniest roommates. The audience had a good laugh at the story, highlighting Matthau’s ability to find humor in any situation.

Apart from discussing his hospital experience, Matthau also talked about his upcoming movie, “I Ought to Be in Pictures,” in which he stars alongside Anne Margaret. He raved about his co-star and mentioned that his on-screen daughter, played by Dina Manof, delivers a magnificent performance that may even earn her an Academy Award nomination.

Overall, Walter Matthau‘s appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson offered a delightful mix of entertaining stories and insights into his personal life and career. The episode showcased his quick wit and ability to make any situation humorous, even when discussing a recent health scare.

“I Ought to Be in Pictures” will be released nationwide on March 26th, and based on Matthau’s praise, it promises to be a heartfelt and captivating film. So, mark your calendars and get ready to witness Matthau’s brilliant acting once again!

Please note that the air date of Matthau’s appearance on The Tonight Show was not provided.