Gayle King made a memorable appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, where she discussed her experience going on stage at Harry Styles‘ concert and her recent Sports Illustrated cover.

During the interview, Fallon welcomed King to the show, expressing his excitement about having her as a guest. King mentioned that it was her first time on The Tonight Show, but she had seen Fallon before. They exchanged pleasantries, and King expressed her thrill of being there.

Fallon and King then delved into the most exciting news ever – King’s Sports Illustrated cover. King shared that she had attended the Sports Illustrated party earlier in the evening and had to leave the red carpet to make it to the show. Fallon thanked her for being there and suggested that she should enjoy the party. King mentioned that she loves to party and recalled a time when she, Fallon, and Drew Barrymore attended a concert by Harry Styles at Madison Square Garden.

King was surprised by the great seats they got for the concert. She initially went by herself but later revealed that she went with Drew Barrymore. King and Fallon reminisced about the experience, singing along to every song at the concert.

Fallon then mentioned that King left halfway through the concert, assuming that she had left. However, King surprised everyone when she revealed that she went onstage with Harry Styles to present him with a banner. King expressed her excitement about the opportunity and explained how she chose her outfit specifically to appeal to Harry Styles‘ taste.

The conversation then shifted to King’s Sports Illustrated cover. Fallon displayed the cover, and they marveled at how stunning King looked. They admired the different swimsuits, with King mentioning her love for the yellow one. Fallon asked if she felt self-conscious in a bathing suit, and King humorously shared that when Sports Illustrated called her, she thought she was being punked.

King expressed her initial thoughts that the shoot would be an inside shot but was honored to be chosen for the 60th-anniversary edition. She recalled asking if she needed to lose weight for the shoot but was thrilled when they told her to be herself. King even indulged in a cheeseburger the day before the shoot, thanks to their instructions not to change anything about herself.

Fallon praised King for her confidence and professionalism during the shoot. King mentioned how the photographer, Yu Tsai, directed her every pose, giving her additional confidence to showcase her best. They applauded her for being on the cover and admired her timeless beauty.

Fallon asked King about the feedback she had received so far. King shared that her biggest concern was how her children would react. She spoke with Oprah and her kitchen cabinet, and they all encouraged her to go for it. Fallon couldn’t help but mention the example of King and Oprah’s different ideas of fun, using their trip to the Dead Sea as an amusing illustration.

Towards the end of the interview, King expressed her gratitude for having a front-row seat to history as a news reporter. Despite the current craziness and scariness of the world, she acknowledged her responsibility to inform the public. She also mentioned her successful endeavor at CBS Mornings, with the show’s numbers rising.

The Tonight Show appearance showcased Gayle King‘s vibrant personality and her incredible experiences, from going on stage with Harry Styles to gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated. King’s charm and enthusiasm made for an entertaining and engaging interview, leaving the audience eager for more of her captivating stories.