On a recent episode of Friday Night With Jonathan Ross, Warwick Davis, the beloved actor known for his roles in Star Wars and Harry Potter, sat down for a lively and entertaining interview. The talk show host wasted no time in diving into Davis’ new memoir, ‘Size Matters Not’, and discussing the inspiration behind it.

Davis explained that initially, he wasn’t sure if he had anything worth writing about. However, as he started reflecting on his career and life experiences, he realized there was indeed a great story to tell. Being three-foot-six in a big world presented its own set of unique challenges and adventures, and Davis wanted to share it all with his fans.

One of the fascinating aspects of Davis’ journey is how people react to his height. Although some may feel uncomfortable discussing it, Davis shared that he encounters different reactions from people, with some wanting to touch him for luck, especially among Irish and Japanese fans. Davis takes it all in stride, recognizing that it is part of his persona as a beloved actor.

The interview also delved into Davis’ early breakthrough in the entertainment industry, specifically his role in Star Wars. Davis revealed that it was his grandmother who heard a radio announcement seeking short actors for the next Star Wars film, Return of the Jedi. With a stroke of luck, Davis found himself cast as an Ewok, and the rest is history.

Davis’ career continued to flourish, with notable roles in films like Willow and the Harry Potter series. He touched upon the amazing experiences and famous people he encountered along the way. Davis also reminisced about his time playing the iconic character, the Leprechaun, in a horror movie series, a role he embraced as an opportunity to diversify his acting repertoire.

The conversation took an exciting turn when Davis discussed his collaboration with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant on the hit sitcom, Extras. Davis shared how he received a phone call from Gervais himself, who proposed the idea of having Davis appear on an episode. Eventually, this collaboration led to the creation of a new sitcom, ‘Life’s Too Short’, which showcases an exaggerated version of Davis and his life in the entertainment industry.

As the interview concluded, Davis shared a hilarious anecdote about attending a concert where a fellow concert-goer’s dancing obstructed his view. Davis took matters into his own hands and confronted the individual in a humorous manner. The encounter turned comical, eventually involving security, reminding everyone of Davis’ wit and charm.

Overall, the interview with Warwick Davis on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross was engaging, giving fans a deeper insight into the beloved actor’s life and career. Davis’ infectious personality and ability to share lighthearted stories truly made for an entertaining episode of the talk show.

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