The latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live was filled with exciting moments and hilarious pranks that kept the audience entertained from start to finish. Host Jimmy Kimmel kicked off the show with a comical recap of the ongoing Trump trial, where the defense has been well-rested and the prosecutors have concluded their case. Kimmel couldn’t resist making jokes about Trump’s infamous past and his involvement with a porn star. The trial took an interesting turn when one of Trump’s lawyers, Robert Costello, got into a staredown with the judge and was kicked out of the courtroom.

As the trial continued, more details about Trump’s former fixer, Michael Cohen, were revealed. Among the shocking revelations was the fact that Cohen consulted on Melania Trump‘s Madame Tussauds wax figure negotiations. Kimmel couldn’t help but joke about the wax figure’s dead-eyed scowl, suggesting it was a perfect likeness of the former First Lady.

In other news, Trump made headlines for attending his son Baron’s high school graduation. Despite previously claiming he was not allowed to attend, Trump was present at the ceremony, although reports suggested he fell asleep during the event. The proud parents, Melania and Donald Trump, were photographed alongside their son, with Melania sandwiched between her husband and her 80-year-old father. Kimmel couldn’t resist making jokes about Trump’s facial expressions and the giant red tie he let Baron borrow for the occasion.

Moving on from the Trump family, Kimmel couldn’t help but share some amusing moments from the ongoing political landscape. Trump and Biden have agreed to the terms and dates of two debates, but Trump couldn’t resist throwing in a demand for a drug test for Biden. Kimmel found this demand amusing, questioning the logic behind it and making jokes about Biden’s alleged drug use.

In addition to political antics, the episode also featured some feisty encounters. Marjorie Taylor Green, a controversial figure associated with Trump, got into a heated exchange during a House oversight committee hearing. Kimmel highlighted the fiery and dramatic moment, noting that simple-minded boorishness seems to be the Trump tradition carried on by people like Green.

And of course, no episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live would be complete without a hilarious prank on Aunt Chippy. This time, with the help of cousin Mickey, the prank involved a fake trophy for the Vegas Knights, winners of the championship. Aunt Chippy’s reactions were priceless as she was pranked yet again, showcasing her impatience and professionalism.

Overall, the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live delivered plenty of entertainment, from the latest updates on the Trump trial to amusing political moments and, of course, Aunt Chippy’s hilarious reactions. It’s clear that the chat show continues to captivate its audience with its lively and humorous content.