In a recent episode of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, the final witness for the defense in the trial of former President Donald Trump backfired. The witness, Robert Costello, served as a legal advisor and was brought in to discredit Michael Cohen, but instead ended up discrediting himself. Throughout his testimony, Costello audibly expressed frustrations and even rolled his eyes, prompting the judge to reprimand him. Despite this, Trump praised Costello afterwards, calling him a highly respected lawyer.

During the trial, Trump also tried to downplay his crimes by reading printouts of quotes from other people, including a quote from a Fox News analyst. Instead of quoting actual Shakespeare, he quoted a line from the movie “Shakespeare in Love,” which made the trial seem even more absurd.

Prior to the trial, there were predictions that large crowds of Trump supporters would rally outside the courthouse. However, the reality has been quite different, with smaller crowds made up of individuals like amateur puppeteers and a self-proclaimed successful sex capsule salesman. Even members of Congress, including Matt Gaetz, have attended the trial, with Gaetz seemingly more interested in promoting his own agenda than supporting Trump.

In the midst of the trial, Trump posted a video on social media promoting a second Trump term, with the video ending with the words “Maga Unified Reich.” This raised eyebrows and led to criticism, but Trump’s campaign blamed a staffer for reposting the video from a random account without realizing the message it conveyed.

Speaking of social media, Trump’s own platform, Truth Social, has been facing financial difficulties, losing $328 million in the first quarter of 2024. Despite its association with the controversial video, analysts suggest that the platform’s struggles stem from poor revenue generation, with only $770,500 in revenue in the last three months.

In other news, Red Lobster recently filed for bankruptcy, citing financial and operational challenges. One major factor in their troubles was their disastrous $20 ultimate endless shrimp promotion. The promotion ended up costing the restaurant chain $1 million in a single quarter, as people would come in and order unlimited shrimp but then refuse to leave. Servers even witnessed solo diners consuming 30 orders of fried shrimp within four hours.

While the trial continues with closing arguments and jury deliberations on the horizon, it’s clear that even Trump’s defense witnesses can’t escape the absurdity surrounding the case. As for Red Lobster, they’ll have to recover from their failed “endless shrimp” campaign as they navigate their way through bankruptcy. Stay tuned for more updates on these captivating stories.

(Note: This article is purely fictional and based on the provided information. The views and events described in this article do not reflect real-life occurrences.)